Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 – How To Defeat Thespian

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The third boss of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 – and also the last for a while – is the monstrously large, Thespian. Thespian, in many ways, is unique in how it approaches combat, and how the combat itself is presented to the player. Thankfully, that uniqueness doesn’t necessarily translate to challenge.

All the bosses up until this point have been difficult, of course, but the real challenge in Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 comes from the stages that preface the boss itself. They tend to be more of a side dish to a fairly unpleasant main course. Thespian embodies this concept to the fullest, whilst also pushing for a more cinematic feel.

Thespian’s Attacks

Thespian is a giant. He is far larger than any enemy or boss you have fought so far, and as a result, his actual body can get in the way of your camera. Thespian is also a melee combatant only – unlike the two ranged bosses who came before him. This basically means Thespian is a lumbering beatstick.

That also means he is incredibly easy to read. Thespian only really has one attack, and that is to smack you when you get in range. This can be easily dodged by a fair few cast members, making Thespian a bit of a wet noodle since it is very possible you will kill him without getting hit.

Thespian’s Mechanics

Thespian is also the only boss so far that has no environmental hazards, nor does he have minions to support him. This is purely a 1v1 encounter. The only “mechanic” Thespian has is that the whole fight is in black and white – like an old silent movie. This is visually interesting but does nothing to make the fight more difficult.

Which Characters To Use

So for Thespian, you have a handful of characters at your disposal, and all of them can take Thespian down if you put in the work. That being said, some are far more effective than others. We found that Witch was excellent in this fight as her high DPS kit in conjunction with her Teleport makes her practically untouchable.

Other characters who can make short work of Thespian are Medium (especially if you have found a more powerful weapon for her) and Detective. Both of these characters are mobile, can deal a lot of damage, and can keep away from Thespian without much hassle.

We would avoid using Professor or Veteran, however. Professor is rather slow, and his Shield, whilst good, is at risk of being beaten down. Mobility is more important than tankiness here. Veteran falls into a similar trap – he is far too slow. Unlike Professor, however, Veteran has no shield, and his movement ability is severely lacking.

Battle Strategy

The plan here is simple – stay away from Thespian and shoot him. This fight is won in character selection, so simply pick a character you are good with, make sure they have some mobility options, and kite him until he falls down dead. It really is that simple.

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