Magic: The Gathering – Who Is Lukka?

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  • Powered By The Ozolith
  • Allied With The Oriq
  • Working With The Gatewatch

Lukka is a Planeswalker from the Plane of Ikoria, introduced in the set of the same name in Magic: The Gathering. He has been on the side of both good and bad, often falling into these situations due to circumstance.

Lukka is primarily aligned in red mana and has yet to be seen with influence from any other colors. Caple of bonding with animals, Lukka was originally a military man and member of the Coppercoats, who worked to keep Ikoria safe from the plethora of monsters that lived across the plane. He became an outcast for his abilities to bond with animals and stayed an outcast across his ventures through Planes.

Powered By The Ozolith

Not much is known about Lukka's past, and we first see him as a captain of the Coppercoats. This lasts until he and his men come across a winged tiger that he was summoned to kill. It manages to kill the men he came with but spares Lukka when he suddenly bonds with the monster. Bonding refers to humans who establish eludha with a monster, which binds the spirit of a human and monster together, allowing the humans to command the monster and grow with them. After bonding with the winged tiger, Lukka sees a vision and blacks out.

Upon waking up in the hospital, it was discovered Lukka had bonded with a monster, and General Kudro, the ruler of his home Drannith, was to have Lukka imprisoned. Lukka's fiancee Jirina helps him to escape, and Lukka flees the city. While escaping, he crosses paths with the Planeswalker Vivien Reid, who is on the Plane investigating the bondings.

Together, they find the Ozolith, an artifact being used by an unknown Planeswalker. It was discovered to be the source of the sudden influx of bonders in Ikoria and the monster attacks against Drannith. They are ambushed by the hunters tracking Lukka, led by Jirina, but are able to flee with help from the winged tiger Lukka had bonded with. Lukka and Vivien come across other bonders, and they all travel back to the Ozolith for a confrontation.

At the Ozolith, Nightmares appear, leading to a fight between the bonders, Jirina's forces, and the Nightmares. In the scuffle, Lukka connects to the Ozolith, communicating with the Planeswalker who was taking advantage of it. Though he does not reveal himself, he tells Lukka that the crystals are not from Ikoria but a different Plane, and allows Lukka to tap into the Ozolith's power. With that, Lukka turns the Nightmares against Jirina's army and forces them to flee.

It was then that Lukka decides he wants to use the newfound power to use the animals to protect Drannith, a plan that Vivien and the bonders vehemently disagree with. Vivien cuts ties with him and fights Lukka, but is forced to flee along with the bonders after Lukka turns the animals against them.

Lukka marches with his army of monsters to Drannith, getting a vision of the winged tiger he bonded with, saving Jirina from the wreckage of her ship. He sees the winged tiger being executed by Kudro in a heartless act after Jirina refuses. Though he marches in on Drannith, he does not wish to destroy it but to use the monsters to defend Drannith so Lukka can return to his pre-bonder life.

Lukka manages to convince General Kudro to a meeting, but this turns out to be a setup for Kudro to have Lukka assassinated, with Jirina the one meant to do it. However, Jirina refuses and tells Lukka the truth. This enrages Lukka, and he orders his monster army to kill everyone in the meeting but Jirina, leading to the death of General Kudro. Lukka believes he can still work his way back into Drannith's leadership but is attacked by Jirina. He is slightly injured and runs away, Lukka calling her a traitor and ending their relationship.

Jirina sets up defenses against Lukka, and Vivien and the bonders agree to help in the incoming battle with Lukka and his army. He begins the attack, but desperate in his losing position; he tries to take control of all the monsters, trying to channel the immense power of the Ozolith to do so. However, this overloads the Ozolith and causes it to explode, and causes his Planeswalker spark to ignite as he Planeswalks away. He wakes up on another Plane with much less power, vowing to return home one day.

Allied With The Oriq

Lukka finds himself on the Plane Arcavios, home of the magical school Strixhaven. However, due to how different he looked, he was met with hostility, believing him to be a part of a group of mage hunters named the Oriq. On the Plane, Lukka bonds with a gray fox that later saves him in a fight where he was mistaken for an Oriq. When the fox was keen on following him around, Lukka decided to give it a name; Mila.

Lukka decides to work with the Oriq after his treatment by the locals, believing that Strixhaven taught people to fear outsiders. He worked closely with the Oriq leader Extus Narr and assisted in an assault against Strixhaven itself. Extus Narr promised a trade to Lukka in exchange for his assistance, though it is never revealed what that was. He acts as a distraction for the Planeswalker Kasmina, who was helping to protect Strixhaven.

In the fight, Lukka tells her that he does not care what happens after Extus Narr destroys Strixhaven after she tries to reason with him, wanting it gone after how they treated him when he first arrived on the Plane. Though she bested him in combat, Lukka provided enough time for the mage hunters to attack Strixhaven.

However, during the assault, the elder dragons and founders of Strixhaven arrive to help protect the school and its inhabitants. Mila helps Lukka to take shelter from an incoming attack from the dragon, and he stops Mila before she can get back to the battlefield, telling her that the fight is not theirs to fight anymore. He flees and is absent from the last of the fight at Strixhaven. Strixhaven is victorious in defeating Extus Naar, and Lukka, Mila, and a few Oriq are last seen wandering the Plane. Kasmina saw this and deemed Lukka no longer worth watching and no longer a threat.

Working With The Gatewatch

Though Lukka had often acted as more of a villain since his introduction, Lukka arrives on Dominaria with fellow Planeswalkers. The Gatewatch, a group of Planeswalkers who vow to protect the Multiverse, is preparing to assault New Phyrexia after an invasion of Dominaria with the Sylex in tow, capable of destroying the Plane and ending the Phyrexian threat once and for all.

Lukka does not communicate much with his fellow Planeswalkers, offering only a grunt when introduced to the Planeswalker Nissa Revane. He remains distant from the rest of them, and Mila is nowhere to be found; her whereabouts after Lukka's arrival are unknown, as is how Lukka was recruited to join the assault or why he agreed to it.

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