Marina Probably Won’t Be The Villain Of Splatoon 3

Off The Hook will return in Splatoon 3, seemingly disproving a popular fan theory that Marina will be the game's villain.

Yesterday, Nintendo shared a first look at some new music for Splatoon 3, sharing a new track from Off The Hook, the pop duo who were also the presenters in the second game, as well as revealing their new designs. The return of Marina and Pearl for the third game seems to prove that Marina won't be the game's main villain, despite several fan theories suggesting that she would be.

The first Splatoon featured the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, as the presenters and stars of the game who would comment on various goings-on in Inkopolis. Most importantly, the duo would announce, comment, and join in on the various Splatfests, contests that players could pick a side in and play multiplayer matches to try and cause their side to win.

The final Splatfest of the first game, Callie vs Marie, saw Callie lose the popularity contest, which in turn caused her to be a villain during Splatoon 2's story mode, albeit because of brainwashing.

When Splatoon 2 released, it replaced Callie and Marie as presenters with a new pop duo, Marina and Pearl. Similarly to the first game, the duo would get involved in Splatfests, including the final one of the game that decided the plot and setting of Splatoon 3 – Chaos vs. Order.

In that final Splatfest, Pearl represented Chaos and Marina represented Order, with Pearl and Chaos winning in the end, which is why Splatoon 3 takes place in a deserted wasteland of sorts. It's because of this loss, and the theme of the final Splatfest being quite serious, that many fans thought that Marina would become a villain in the third game and try to take control after losing the Splatfest.

However, that seems to not be the case at all, as the sneak peek at new music that Nintendo revealed shows Marina having a fun time with Pearl and some new band members. Unless there's some big twist in the story mode, it looks like Off The Hook is staying together.

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