Marvel Fans Are Casting Henry Cavill In The MCU After Superman News

The Henry Cavill is Superman, isn't Superman, is Superman saga is finally over (again) as James Gunn announced that he's making a new Superman movie, one that won't star Cavill. Fans aren't happy, but many have been quick to try and find him a new home in the other superhero juggernaut. And no, not Valiant with Vin Diesel's Bloodshot – the MCU.

Several of these are fan-casts that have been popping up for years now, especially with the ongoing mystery of whether or not he's Superman. One that stuck was Captain Britain, AKA Brian Braddock, who he said last year would be "loads of fun" to play. The rights to his appearance in the MCU have always been somewhat muddy given that his sister is Psylocke, an X-Men, who actually appeared in Fox's films. Now that they're all under one banner that isn't mean and green, maybe there's room for another other Captain.

Two other popular fan-casts that have since resurfaced with the news are Hyperion and Sentry, AKA Marvel's answer to Superman. Sentry was the result of an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, a common misstep in Marvel, but he wiped everyone's minds to make them forget he ever existed. Oh, and his archnemesis is the literal Void. He's a morally grey version of Superman, evident by the fact his most iconic moment is when he rips Ares in half. As for Hyperion, he's a major member of Squadron Supreme, and in Marvel's MAX, he was reworked to be an alien raised by the government – sounds a lot like Superman without the Kents, eh?

But there have been a few more interesting choices that have popped up in the wake of the Superman news, like Cavill as Cyclops, the laser-beam firing mutant teacher at the X-Men academy. Although, this is another hero who shares a similarity with Superman – red laser eye beams.

A more rogue choice floating around is Miracleman (or Marvelman, not to be confused with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Blue Marvel, or any other Marvel Marvels). But, funnily enough, while Captain Britain is the British alternative to Captain America, Miracleman is the British alternative to Captain Marvel.

Other choices include Hercules (who has already been cast and appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder), Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, Exodus, and even Nova, Marvel's answer to Green Lantern. Whether fans get their wish and see Havill swap a cape for a shield (or even another cape) remains to be seen, but there are roles in non-superhero films where we've seen Cavill excell these past few years. Just look at Mission Impossible and The Witcher.

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