Marvel Legends Episodes Removed Due To Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Spoilers

The MCU has reached a point where the biggest marvel of all might be how Kevin Feige and the gang manages to keep releasing new connected content without spoiling what's to come. Something that finally got the better of those in charge of the MCU's increasingly tangled web this week as scenes used in Marvel Studios: Legends included spoilers for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

The Guardians Holiday Special actually drops on Disney Plus today, and many of you may have already watched it. If you haven't, and you want to avoid the spoilers from the Legends episodes that have since been removed from Disney Plus, now would be the time to stop reading. Legends is a series of shorts, each of which focuses on something coming up in phase four.

The latest episodes dropped on Wednesday and since the Holiday Special was next on the Marvel movie docket, some of the Guardians were featured. As reported by GamesRadar, deleted scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 were included in the latest Legends episodes, one of which reveals Mantis is actually Starlord's sister.

“Why don't you want me to tell him? He should know you are his sister,” Drax asks Mantis, to which she replies, “Our only connection is the source of his greatest shame. I think not.” Mantis is referring to Ego, a celestial who is the primary antagonist in the second Guardians movie. Since Mantis doesn't appear to know anything of the universe beyond Ego's planet, it certainly makes sense that she would be one of his creations and therefore Starlord's sister since the leading Guardian is the defeated god's son.

The decision was made to remove that reveal from vol. 2 and save it for later. Not for vol. 3, which hits cinemas in 2023 and brings the Guardians of the Galaxy's run in the MCU to an end, but for the heroes' Holiday Special. As mentioned above, the special is now available on Disney Plus, but the Legends episodes will likely remain in the dark so no one watches them and spoils the Holiday Special before they've seen it.

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