Marvel Snap: Sera Miracle Deck Guide

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Marvel Snap has proven a big hit with superhero and CCG fans alike. It seems deceptively simple at first, with just six rounds of combat making it fast playing and quite a small initial set of cards. However, the random card locations turn up the tactical dynamics, while the card pool soon starts to build until you have loads of choices.

The choice is good, but it can soon start to get overwhelming, especially if certain deck combinations keep getting the better of you. Here we’ll discuss how to put together a Sera Miracle deck, which should help you get back to winning ways.

The Sera Card

The beauty of any Sera card is the surprise element. Sera is a five-cost card you hope to reveal on turn five. Once you have Sera in hand, it is all about planning turn six. Sera’s ongoing ability means that all cards you play in turn six will cost one less, to a minimum of one. This allows you to play card combos your opponent will not expect until it is too late.

Essentially, you could play a bunch of two-cost cards and fill your zones or play a two or three-card combo that usually couldn’t happen in a single turn. This can be devastating, especially as your opponent has no time to react to it afterward. Surprise is one of the most important elements of Marvel Snap, but it is very hard to achieve — which is why the Sera Miracle deck is so popular.

The Sera Miracle Deck List

Decks built around the Sera card are one of the most popular meta decks you’ll come across in Marvel Snap, and they’re common because they work. Unfortunately, Sera is a Pool Three card, so you won’t be able to get a chance of drawing her until you reach Collection Level 486 and above. The following cards are standard in most Sera Miracle decks.

Sera55Ongoing: Cards in your hand cost one less. (Minimum one)
Bishop31When you play a card, this gains plus one Power.
Scarlet Witch23On Reveal: Replace this location with a random new one.
Mysterio25As you play this, play illusions to other locations. Disguise this as an illusion until the game ends.
Mojo22Ongoing: If both players have four cards at this location, plus six Power.
Angela21When you play a card here, plus two Power.

Angela and Bishop are simply good cards, which build nicely if you can get them out early. Scarlet Witch is for insurance if the locations don't turn out the way you'd like them, while Mysterio and Mojo work hand-in-hand to flood the board with cards.

The other six cards will depend on which direction you wish to take the deck. Below you’ll find two examples.

Destroy Option

Nova12When this is destroyed, give your cards plus one Power.
Angel12When one of your cards is destroyed, this flies out of your deck to replace it.
Bucky Barnes21When this is destroyed, create the Winter Soldier in its place.
Carnage22On Reveal: Destroy your other cards here. Plus two Power for each destroyed.
Deathlok35On Reveal: Destroy your other cards at this location.
Killmonger33On Reveal: Destroy ALL one-cost cards.

Using The Sera Miracle Destroy Deck

You’ll note that Sera Miracle decks don’t have too many one-Power cost cards. This is for two reasons. Firstly, you’re hoping for the surprise of a big last turn. If you get to play Sera on turn five, all your cards will cost one less Energy to play. However, this doesn’t reduce the cost of one-Power cards, making them less useful. Secondly, many players now deploy Killmonger to deal with decks that flood the board with one-cost cards, so avoiding that potential issue is an added bonus.

Hold back on turn one but if possible, play Angela on turn two. Turns three and four will depend on the cards you’ve drawn and the synergies they and the locations offer. Maximize the Power you can give to the cards that will be left standing. On turn five, if you have Sera, play her to wherever you have Angela (if possible). If not, consider retreating. You can still win without Sera if you have good combos going, such as Angela and Bishop. Then, in turn six, again look for the combos you need for a big finish. This deck offers several options, such as Carnage and Deathlok, and Mysterio and Mojo.

Straight Power Option

Ant-Man11Ongoing: If you have three other cards here, plus three Power.
Squirrel Girl11Add a one-Power Squirrel to each other location.
Colleen Wing24On Reveal: Discard the lowest-cost card from your hand.
Mister Fantastic32Ongoing: Adjacent locations have plus two Power.
Dracula40At the end of the game, discard a card from your hand. This has its Power.
America Chavez69You always draw this card on turn six and not before.

Using The Sera Miracle Power Deck

The Power version of the deck we list here is a little more straightforward, simply allowing you to amass a lot of cards and fill a lot of spaces while maximizing your overall Power each round. Play cards as and when you want to, but hold plenty back for turn six — including Dracula. Just try to make sure you have room to hopefully play Sera on turn five and several more cards on turn six.

What you’re hoping to do is play Dracula in turn six, discarding America Chavez to give him nine Power. With Sera’s card cost reduction, Dracula will only cost three, meaning you should be able to flood the locations with the other cards left in your hand. This maximizes the effect of cards such as Ant-Man and Mojo.

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