Marvel Snap’s Savage Land Season Adds New Pool 5 Cards

Marvel Snap's first season this year, The Savage Land, brings even more brand-new cards, locations, card variations, and backs to one of the 2022's best mobile games. Players can unlock four new exotic characters, but it won't be an easy task.

The latest developer update sheds some light on what's new in January for all Marvel Snap players, and it definitely sounds like a lot. First, as you may have guessed from the title, wilderness is the focal point of this new "most dangerous season yet", with the latest character, Zabu, serving as its symbol. Zabu is a three-cost giant sabertooth cat that has an ongoing ability to make all your four-cost cards (like Wong or Crossbones) cost two energy less. Just imagine all the new opportunities this one card would bring to Marvel Snap, but this is only the beginning.

As Ben Brode said during the video, the team is adding a bunch of new cards to the game's Series Five roster, which represents the rarest and hardest to acquire characters in Snap. Characters like Thanos, Galactus, and Knull are all among Series Five, and you can only obtain these via the Token Shop for the whopping cost of 6000 Tokens, or when opening Collector's Caches with a tiny 0.25 percent chance to get them.

During The Savage Land season, cards like Sauron (no, not that one), Shanna, Dazzler, and Shadow King will be gradually added to the game, skyrocketing your possibilities. Shadow King on reveal restores the power of all cards at played location to their base value, while Sauron's on reveal ability will remove all ongoing abilities from the cards in your hand and deck. Sounds like something pretty useful for powerful cards with unpleasant side effects like Red Skull or Typhoid Mary. The star of the previous season, Silver Surfer, also joins the Series Five roster for non-premium players, and you can finally unlock him through the Token Shop or Collector's Caches.

Marvel Snap's ongoing support has been very strong already, but it seems the team isn't planning to slow down in 2023. With the new Battle mode also arriving this month, it seems the title is here to stay as one of the most fun to play mobile games.

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