Mass Effect 2 Tali And Thane Queer Romance Mod Released, Uses Cut Audio

We already know that Jack was meant to be pansexual in Mass Effect 2, but it looks like she wasn't the only one. Both John and Jane Shepard have dialogue options for all of the romance options, if only a few lines for some characters. Whether this is because the content was cut or they were just being overly cautious in the recording booth is anyone's guess, but it gives modders enough to work with.

And now, lovers of Thane and Tali can play as whatever Shepard they want. Same-Gender Romances for LE2, a mod from Nexus user rondeeno, makes it possible to flirt and complete romances with the alien duo. It also allows you to import a same-sex romance with Ashley and Kaidan, and fixes the misgendering issue that can sometimes arise in similar mods.

"This mod allows Tali and Thane to be romanced by both male and female Shepard, utilizing unused dialogue in the game files and repurposed dialogue from other parts of the trilogy", the mod's description reads.

While adding the ability to romance Tali and Thane regardless of gender is the biggest feature, the mod also adds various fixes to the game to acknowledge queer Shepards. For example, advertisements won't assume the Commander is straight, and non-romanceable NPCs that flirt with the player will now do so regardless of gender. It will also address issues that come with carrying over a modded save from the first game to Mass Effect 2, in which you romanced Ashley as femshep, or Kaidan as broshep.

Mass Effect modders quickly rushed to make Legendary Edition as inclusive as possible. As we've previously covered, Ashley and Kaidan's queer romances were restored back in August 2021. Just before that, Jack and Miranda were shown some love, now romanceable by femsheps by utilizing cut dialogue, and filling the gaps with repurposed voice lines found elsewhere in the game.

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