Mass Effect 4 Clip Shows Humans Building Their Own Mass Relay

For N7 Day, Mass Effect and BioWare shared a new clip with some distorted audio, challenging us to look "a bit more closely". Shortly after, it followed up with a "clean transmission" as a thanks to "all the agents who decoded the footage".

"I can see it… how did we miss this?" Liara says, with a garbled Geth-sounding voice following suit. "Exactly, the council will be furious, although they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance."

The audio comes accompanied by a shot of a Mass Relay in construction, seemingly canonising the 'Destroy' ending of Mass Effect 3 in which Shepard wipes out all the Relays and synthetic lifeforms like the EDI, Geth, and the Reapers. But with a Geth seemingly talking to Liara, it's unclear how this lines up with the Destroy ending. The Mass Relay also looks to be built by humans, potentially explaining the line about "human defiance".

We've already seen this Relay as concept art back in a 2020 BioWare artbook. It also has the tag "MR7" written on the side, so we know there are at least six other Relays being built. If you don't know, Mass Relays are what each species uses to travel the galaxy, firing off ships to other Relays to cross gigantic stretches of space.

In the past, these Relays were a dark, blue-tinted grey, whereas this new Relay we're seeing shares the same colour scheme as Cerberus, the human supremacy group that brought Shepard back in 2. Aside from that, we also see something move in the right corner of the screen which plenty of commenters theorise is Shepard's Normandy ship.

Whatever the case, humans are building new Relays, meaning the last bunch did get destroyed, and yet somehow, Liara is talking to a Geth, and Cerberus seems to be back in some form. And the council wasn't wiped out and sent into disarray thanks to the Reapers. There's a lot to dig into.

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