Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Where To Get The Brandy, The Ingredients, And The FBA Couplings

If you’ve beaten the first game in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you’ll be knee-deep in number two which sports a bunch of new characters all vying for Shepard’s attention and approval. Talking to them will net you some little side missions to pass the time, a trifecta of fetch quests that result in some quaint cutscenes to let the flourishing cast bond.

When you first step onboard the all-new Normandy following the first’s cataclysmic demise, you’ll find Chakwas from the original game back in her medical bay as if it wasn’t torn asunder by hellfire. Then, there’s a pair of engineers reminiscent of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. characters Fitz and Simmons, as well as a cook with as much ire as anyone in that industry.

Each of them has a little quest for Shepard, although they all stress how little it matters given the urgency at hand. Scratch that – forget the impending galactic annihilation of all the inhabitants for a moment. First and foremost, you gotta keep your staff in check, happy, and motivated, so let’s embark on a hasty detour to get some food supplies, engineering tools, and a bottle of brandy.

The Normandy: Getting The Quests

Head to the Crew Quarters first and foremost using the Normandy’s nifty little elevator that streamlines the vertical traversal from the first game.

Here, you’ll find Doctor Chakwas who tells you that she was saving herself a bottle of brandy for a special occasion on the original ship which was destroyed. You’ll also find the chef in the mess hall behind his counter. Ask both if they need anything.

Next, head down to the engineer’s level where you’ll find the two in question bickering. Ask them the same – do you need anything?

They’ll tell you that there was an oversight in designing the new Normandy and ask you to pick up some FBA Couplings, should you see any on your mission to save the galaxy

Omega: The Brandy

One of the first locales you’ll peruse in search of crew members is the Mercenary infested space station, Omega. Here, there’s a bar called Afterlife where you’re directed to anyway as part of the main questline. This is where the brandy can be found.

If you pop over to the bar, right by the tender there’ll be a fancy bottle up for grabs. You can’t exactly just swipe it and put it in your infinitely expansive pocket, though. It costs 1,000 credits, so be sure to have that on hand.

Omega: FBA Couplings

Next, head to Kenn’s Salvage which you can see on the map. Leaving Afterlife, take a left, and directly ahead will be two doors. One leads to the apartments, signposted, the other the markets. Take the door on the left to the marketplace.

Right down the stairs is Kenn’s Salvage. You can pay them 1,000 credits to help them get off-world after they reveal they were robbed on their pilgrimage. They’ve been forced into this job just to save up enough money to get off-world again. Or, you can simply ignore them.

You don’t need to solve Kenn’s issues to get the quest done. There’s a terminal on the front desk where the items in question can be purchased. If you charm or intimidate Kenn, you can get the prices lowered.

The Normandy: Chakwas, Gabby, And Kenneth

If you want to wait and turn in all three at once, you can do so, but, if you’d rather get two out of the way before setting off to the Citadel, you can check them off the list here and now.

  • Firstly, head to the Crew Quarters and talk to Doctor Chakwas.

Giving her the brandy, she’ll ask if you want a drink with her. I’d advise you to say yes because it leads to a fun little moment between the two that’s elaborated on once more in the very next game.

You both reminisce about the past, she’ll tell you that she’s working with Cerberus because of Joker, and you’ll leave drunk, wobbling around.

Later, depending on what you say to her, Chakwas will suggest making this an annual tradition, and so in Mass Effect 3, you can drink with her again. Say you enjoyed it, and she’ll tell you that the next drink is on her.

  • Now in a drunken stupor, head to the engineering quarters to speak with Gabby and Kenneth.

They’ll be chuffed that you brought them the couplings. They comment that it’ll mean that they only have to do maintenance once a week instead of once a day. Following this, they’ll invite you to a game of poker. Now, you can recoup some of your losses.

Tip: If you charm or intimidate them and you’re guaranteed to win 500 credits. There is no change to morality either way.

The Citadel: The Ingredients

Getting to the Citadel in Mass Effect 2 can be a little tricky if you’re new to the whole map system that’s been revamped from the first game. Here’s how you do it.

  • Simply fly your ship over to the Mass Relay and choose the Serpent Nebula. From here, you can find the Citadel.
  • Once you arrive, simply walk straight forward past security, deal with them being confused that you’re alive, and take a left. You’ll find Zakera Cafe immediately.
  • Go inside, head to the counter, and, like with the couplings, use the terminal to purchase the High-Grade Provisions for 500 credits.
  • Once done, jaunt back to the Normandy.

The Normandy: Mess Sergeant Gardner

Once on the Normandy, if you haven’t already, you can head to the Crew Quarters to have a drink with Chakwas, and then speak to the Mess Sergeant Gardner. He’ll thank you for bringing the supplies and offer you a taster of his latest dish.

He cooks up an Asari meal called Calamari Gumbo and comments that it’s cannibalistic due to them having tentacles. Eat it, get your XP, and voila, you’re done. The crew is content.

  • The collective XP reward for all three of these quests is 120.

While not a lot, it’s worth diving in for the bonding alone, much like with many of Mass Effect’s character interactions. You’ll also get some Medi-Gel, two potential third game encounters otherwise unavailable, a possible 500 credits, and a warm fuzzy feeling. Not to mention, doing all of this brings new dialog from the crew, with many complimenting the food, saying how surprised they are that it isn’t complete bollocks anymore.

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