Mega Man movie still in the works, directors hint at ‘big news’ coming soon

A live action movie based on Capcom’s Mega Man is still in production and the directors are excited for big news that we can expect soon.

Remember when Capcom announced a movie based on its Mega Man series? Neither do we, but it’s apparently still happening.

Later confirmed to be a live action adaptation, the project was believed to be cancelled when 20th Century Fox, which was developing the movie, was acquired by Disney in 2019.

Turns out that isn’t the case, as the movie’s own directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, have stated that they are still hard at work on it, in an interview with IGN.

When asked if Mattson Tomlin, a screenwriter who worked with Joost and Schulman on the Netflix film Project Power (which is set to release this August), was on board to write for the Mega Man movie, Joost confirmed it to be true.

In addition, Joost suggested that we’ll learn some major details about the movie sooner than we might expect.

‘We had such a great time working with Mattson on Project Power that we invited him in to help us out with Mega Man,’ he said.

‘We are super excited about it. I think we’re going to have some big news about it soon. I can’t say all that much right now, but it’s a project very near and dear to our hearts and we’re psyched.’

Schulman chimed in to say that Mega Man was the first NES game she ever played and maybe even hinted at what we can expect from the movie’s plot and themes.

‘I like that he’s an underdog hero. Both of us are deeply fascinated by robotics and the future of automation, for better and for worse. I think trying to combine that into one of our favourite historical video games is the ultimate challenge.’

Considering most film adaptations of games tend to be made by those who barely know anything about the source material (has anyone involved in the Uncharted movie actually played the games?), it’s nice to hear these two have plenty of enthusiasm for Mega Man.

Whether or not it will be translated well into live action is another question entirely though, as that costume is going to look pretty goofy if it’s accurate to the games.

Detective Pikachu attempted to adapt the Pokémon series into live action and was a financial and critical success.

The live action Sonic movie performed even better at the box office (even if critical response was less enthusastic) and is already slated for a sequel in 2022.

Capcom also has a live action Monster Hunter movie in production, with Resident Evil movie director Paul W. S. Anderson to direct. It was meant to release this year but has since been delayed to 2021.

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