Michael Voice Actor From GTA 5 Dresses Up In A Cluckin’ Bell Uniform And Hates It

Where does one even begin to to approximate the amount of money GTA 5 has made? Hopefully, a good sum of that money has gone towards the team that brought it to life, including the developers and actors. However, it seems that Ned Luke, the voice actor for Michael De Santa may be in need of some quick cash via a cameo in GTA Online.

As per the video Luke put up on Twitter, it looks like the actor may be about to join the service industry (thanks GameRant). The video shows him in the ridiculous outfit that Cluckin' Bell employees are made to wear, full with the chicken head and the catchphrase on the back of the t-shirt – "Taste the Cock". Luke gave no indication of why he put up this video, perhaps he was just having some fun. He did however tag a handle named boyworldwide. The handle has only one tweet, and it's an image of a Cluckin' Bell employee for GTA: San Andreas.

"Ya do what ya gotta do…whatever it takes…survive," reads the caption of the tweet, along with five star emojis. In the video, Luke turns around and with a frustrated expression says, "This was not my idea of a successful retirement. Welcome to Cluckin' Fuckin' Bell. Can I take your order?" You can't blame him for not being too excited about it – nobody likes working as a fast food server while dressed like a chicken.

If you're the suspicious type, you may find some aspects of the video a bit interesting – perhaps we may see Michael in the GTA universe once again. Firstly, dressing as a fast food server from GTA could mean something, but you can pass it off as just a gag. But then Luke says that this wasn't his idea of a successful retirement. Michael also keeps going on about his retirement in the game, and about how he wants out. Perhaps this is a hint that things aren't working out for him, and that he may return to the mix to make one last payday – just like his pal Franklin did in The Contract event.

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