Minecraft Adds Armour Customisation, Letting You Combine Netherrite And Gold

Minecraft is adding an amazing new cosmetic feature in update 1.2 that lets players customize their armor using various crystals and ingots.

Shared on Minecraft's official Twitter, Armor Trims allow players to "customize the look of your armor: find Smithing Template items throughout the world and take them to a Smithing Table. Mix and match materials to create your own special look!"

The attached gif shows just how the whole process works. Once you find the Armor Trim Smithing Template (in this case, called the "Spire Armor Trim"), place it in the Smithing Table along with the armor you wish to customize and the crystal or ingot of the color you want added. The example below uses Netherite Armor and Gold Ingots, but there’s nothing stopping the player from using different armor and different materials to get a different cosmetic effect.

Once applied, the Netherite Armor gains a gold trim that really enhances its aesthetic. This is Minecraft bling at its best, and it’s not just limited to Netherite and gold. Screenshots show that you can make enhancements to Gold, Iron, and Diamond armor sets using different materials to get different trim colors. You can also mix and match trim colors to create a unique combination of colored armor.

Armor Trims are currently available in the 1.2 snapshot, which is Minecraft's term for its update preview. To gain access to the snapshot, follow the instructions outlined on Mojang's site here.

Another new feature coming in update 1.2 is the Sniffer, a new creature that was the winner of the 2022 Mob vote. Fans got a preview of the new mob earlier this week and were surprised at just how huge these gentle giants truly are. They're big, but also cute, with a giant schnoz that sniffs away in search of ancient seeds to dig up. Any seeds the Sniffer finds can then be planted to create new vegetation for your Minecraft home.

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