Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Hardcore Mode

Minecraft is a wonderfully creative experience that allows you to do almost anything you can imagine, with room to play the game in a wide variety of ways. You can stick to the standard survival mode, constructing buildings and fighting off Creepers. Alternatively, you can play adventure maps in the adventure mode, where you cannot destroy certain blocks. There is also a creative mode, where you have unlimited access to everything in the game and can build masterpieces in a matter of moments.

But, if you really want a challenge, there is one more game mode that is perfect for you: hardcore mode. This game mode is incredibly difficult and can even put the most experienced Minecraft player to the test. So, if you are eager to prove yourself, you need to make sure you are prepared for what this game mode has in store.

Hardcore Mode Is A Java Edition Exclusive

Minecraft has expanded into a variety of editions over the years. To begin with, there was just the Java Edition. Nowadays, you can play an action-adventure version called Minecraft: Dungeons, and there’s also Minecraft: Story Mode for a narrative focus. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the most similar to the Java Edition. It refers to the versions of the game released on multiple platforms, from consoles to iOS and Android devices.

There are pros and cons to both versions of standard Minecraft. Minecraft: Java Edition has more features than Bedrock Edition but does not have access to cross-platform play. For now, at least, the differences mean that only the Java Edition has access to hardcore mode. Unfortunately, if you play on the Bedrock Edition, you will have to miss out on this additional challenge (although you are welcome to replicate it by willingly placing the game mode’s restrictions upon yourself).

You Cannot Respawn

In other game modes, you have unlimited lives. If you are unfortunate enough to get blown up by a Creeper, you will wake up in your bed feeling as if it was all just a horrible nightmare. Alternatively, you will appear back at the world spawn area if you have not placed a bed down yet. This does take out some of the risks involved in adventuring. Hardcore mode strives to bring back that sense of danger and tension to the game.

In hardcore mode, you only have one life to your name, and that is it. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your health bar at all times. From drowning and starvation to fall damage and explosions, there are many ways to run out of health fast.

You should make sure you know how to fight off enemies before it’s too late. It can be incredibly frustrating to lose that one life, especially when the death is unexpected. Unfortunately, there is no returning to the game as a participant after this point. Even if you quit the game and reload, you will be once more greeted by the game over screen. All progress is lost, and you will have to start a new map once more.

Players Can Spectate The World After Their Death

Once you lose your life, you will be greeted with a game over screen. One option is to quit back to the title screen to start again. The other option is to observe the world in spectator mode. This allows you to have one last look around the world you are no longer allowed to return to physically. Instead, you act like a ghost, wholly invisible and capable of flight. It’s quite a haunting experience but a great way to get a grander perspective on the progress you made before kicking the bucket.

Spectator mode is convenient for multiplayer sessions. Before the developers added spectator mode during version 1.8, the game would permanently delete the entire world once all players had lost their life. Now, with spectator mode, you can explore the world and watch your friends continue to struggle to survive without you.

The Game Is Locked On Hard Difficulty

In Minecraft survival mode, there are four difficulty levels: peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. In peaceful mode, no hostile mobs spawn naturally. You also do not have a hunger bar. In normal and easy mode, you now face hostile mobs and have to keep track of food as your hunger bar can deplete your health slightly. Finally, hard mode is when situations begin to get tense. The mobs deal more damage, and starvation can kill you. Not only that, but zombies can break through wooden doors, spiders can spawn with unique advantages, such as speed or strength boosts, and pillagers can also spawn near you, dealing quite hefty damage.

Hard difficulty is not for the faint-hearted, but hardcore mode gives you no choice. You must play on hard difficulty. You cannot alter the difficulty at any point during the survival attempt. This game mode ensures you must be incredibly cautious. You cannot go around without food supplies or defenses. Every action you make must be calculated and risk-free.

You Cannot Cheat Or Have Bonus Chests

The running theme for hardcore mode is its restrictions. When setting up a new world in Minecraft, you can enable cheats and a bonus chest. Cheats refer to console commands that you can type out during the game and are handy for making the game easier at times. You can use these commands to set the time, teleport to other players, or even spawn in specific items.

Meanwhile, the bonus chest helps you out when you’re just starting out. It will appear near where you spawn and will contain a random assortment of essential items to help you out. This could include food items, tools, or building materials.

Hardcore mode considers this to be too big of an advantage for you. Therefore, when hardcore mode is selected during the world creation menu, both cheats and the bonus chest toggles will be locked off. So, without extra lives, no cheats, and more formidable enemies to face, hardcore mode forces you to mix up your playstyle. You must focus on survival above everything else if you hope to stand a chance of succeeding.

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