Minecraft Players In Shock At Sinful Way This Person Cuts Trees

There's no right or wrong way to play Minecraft, is what casual scrubs who don't know how to play it will tell you. That's also a joke, it's a sandbox game about letting your imagination run wild, play it however you like. Just don't play it how this person's little brother does, as the entirety of the Minecraft subreddit has united against him and the chaotic, disturbing, and frankly, perverted way he chops down trees.

Reddit user I_Am_Oro shared a video of themselves and their little brother playing Minecraft in splitscreen co-op together, a cute family activity, perfect for the holiday season. At first, it's hard to see what's wrong, their little bro is just wandering through a forest. But then he starts chopping trees down.

Well, he doesn't, he chops parts of the trees down, removing two or three blocks of trunk before moving on to the next. It's chaos, and he's being rightly shamed for it. Even his older sibling was unable to play, frozen in place by the war crimes being shown on screen. They just sit there in front of a crafting bench, paraylsed by the fear of what Hellspawn they call brother.

One shocked players wrote, "I hope both sides of his pillow are warm tonight." Another replied, "A psychopath who cuts trees like that probably likes warm pillows." A horrifying realisation.

One concerned onlooker replied, "This makes me physically uncomfortable. Please teach him to be better." OP responded, "I'm trying." That's a good older sibling right there.

For any of you confused as to the faux pais committed by the younger brother, most players with a shred of decency in their souls will cut a tree down entirely, removing the entire trunk or leaving a single stump for aesthetic reasons. This is both more efficient and ensures you don't have loads of half trees all around your base. Hopefully, with their older siblings guiding hand, they'll learn how to play properly. Or not, I'm not their dad, what do I care?

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