Minecraft YouTuber Takes 5 Years To Excavate An Entire In-Game Map

Minecraft has become the best-selling game of all time for a number of different reasons. Largely for the imaginative and amazing things its players continue to do with it. Someone is on the cusp of achieving yet another incredible first in the almost infinite world of Minecraft. Destroying every block on a single map.

Those of you familiar with the sheer size of a Minecraft map will know just how massive an undertaking that is. It's so massive, the YouTuber undertaking the task who goes by Minthical has been doing it consistently for almost five years. In their latest stream (via PCGamesN) they revealed just how close they are to completing this mammoth task, and that they foresee it finally coming to an end as soon as September.

The stream in which Minthical revealed how close they think they might be to the conclusion of their journey is below and clocks in at well over seven hours long. The fact that is a tiny fraction of said journey just goes to show how big a deal this is. There's a moment during the stream where Minthical labels a few hundred thousand blocks as “practically nothing”. That's because the world they've been mining for the past five years is made up of 45 million of them.

Minthical has been mining for so long, the mode in which they are playing isn't even available anymore. A Classic World which is 862×862 blocks, so somehwere north of 45 million to mine altogether. To make the task even more difficult, Minthical has been doing it on survival mode. That means the pickaxes they've been using to chip away at the map eventually break, and new ones need to be crafted. Thousands have been made since this epic quest began, and now it appears to be almost over.

If you're new to this journey, there has never been a better time to subscribe to Minthical's channel than right now. Keep abreast of their mining and you can be there for the moment when that final block is mined. Or if you like a boxset, go back to the very beginning and watch the streamer's journey from the start.

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