Modern Warfare 2 Ping System Disabled In Wake Of "Wallhack" Issue

Cheaters are just the worst, aren't they? It's already bad enough that I suck at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but using exploits like wallhacks and aimbots is just insulting. No matter what the game is, hackers inevitably find their way past the developer's security protocols and manage to ruin the experience for everyone. However, there's one thing worse than this – when the game itself allows you to use exploits.

No, Infinity Ward hasn't legalized cheating, but a major glitch in the game is giving players the ability to use wallhacks. Popularized by Apex Legends, the ping system has become a staple in many multiplayer games, including Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, players have reported that you can ping an enemy during your death screen, and they will remain pinged for the rest of the game, essentially acting as a wallhack. Developer Infinity Ward has disabled the ping system as of now (thanks, Eurogamer).

"Huge Bug: You can Ping an enemy during the death screen and the Ping lasts for the whole game, essentially giving you wallhacks on that one player for the remainder of the game," wrote a player on Reddit, along with a video showcasing the glitch. As noted, they pinged a player during their own death scene, and upon respawning, they could spot a marker for the player through walls.

This was evidently a widespread issue, as the comments section was filled with bewildered players who either discovered the glitch for themselves, or had no idea about it and wondered how enemy players could track them down with pinpoint precision. Understandably, they were pretty annoyed with this, as it entirely skewed the balance of the game. While there's been no statement from Infinity Ward as of yet, the ping system has been disabled, presumably till the issue is fixed.

Another feature that Modern Warfare 2 players will hope gets fixed – or entirely changed in this case – is the game's unintuitive and confusing menu UI. Multiple players have reported that the new menu layout is quite tough to navigate, and finding their preferred playlists or any other section is a chore.

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