Modern Warfare 2 Players Are Pressing F To Pay Respects To Valderas Museum

Modern Warfare 2 players are paying their respects to Valderas Museum, as it seems that the community has finally accepted that it's not likely to be added back to the game.

Those of us who managed to play Modern Warfare 2 during its open beta will likely remember the Valderas Museum map, as it was one of the main maps advertised alongside the beta. When Modern Warfare 2 launched, however, it had been removed from the game altogether, presumably because of its near-one-to-one resemblance to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Since then, neither Infinity Ward nor Activision has made any kind of comment about the map, despite Modern Warfare 2 players regularly asking them about it. It seems that most of the community has decided to accept that Valderas Museum isn't coming back, however, something that a recent post on the game's subreddit highlights.

Redditor Dull-Caterpillar3153 shared an image of the Valderas Museum that says "RIP Valderas Museum, 2022- 2022" on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, with the caption "Doesn’t look like it’s coming back. Time to pay our respects". Underneath the post, Modern Warfare 2 players are discussing why Valderas Museum was even removed in the first place, paying tribute to the map by putting "F"s to pay respect, and saying that "IW fucked up" by letting it be removed.

Although most players are saying that the map was good fun and hoping that the team can find a way to add it back in, some are saying that it's a bad map that should have been removed. Still, most of the comments seem to be a little bit more positive on it than they are for Border Crossing.

Strangely enough, Valderas Museum isn't the only map in Modern Warfare 2 that has had problems like this, although it's suffered the worst fate. Crown Raceway was originally called Marina Bay Grand Prix and was based on the racetrack of the same name in Singapore. All mentions of it were removed from the game prior to launch before its name was changed to Crown Raceway and it was put back in the game. Looks like Valderas Museum won't be so lucky.

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