Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Bullfango Head

This one sounds obvious, right? If you’re looking for a Bullfango Head, you go and hunt Bullfango, the boar-like small monster that roams the various areas of Monster Hunter Rise. But it really isn’t that simple. Low Rank or High Rank, you could potentially slay these monsters all day and continue to come away with zero Bullfango Heads. This item is more peculiar than that.

That is of course why we’ve got this MH Rise guide for you. Bullfango are easy enough to find, but if you’re specifically crafting a piece of equipment that requires a Bullfango Head, then you may be stuck unless you go out into the world with purpose, and with the right set up.

It’s very easy to overlook the one thing you need in order to start collecting Bullfango Heads, but we’ve got everything you need to know explained in detail below. This guide will help you acquire Bullfango Head without making you stress too much.

How To Get Bullfango Head In Monster Hunter Rise

The Bullfango Head is received after hunting down Bullfango, as you can imagine, but you won’t get it by hitting them in a certain spot, like with Kelbi and Gargwa, nor will carving the creature give you what you need.

Instead, the Bullfango Head is only received as a Pilfered item. If you’re not familiar with Pilfering, it’s essentially what your Palico buddy will scrounge up for you. Yep, if you’ve been neglecting your Palico buddy in favour of your speedy Palamute, then you will have completely sabotaged your chances of ever getting a Bullfango Head, in addition to many more rare items you would be completely unaware of.

So, in order to get even on Bullfango Head, you’ll need at least one Palico buddy with the Pilfer Equipped Move, which steals items from monsters before they’ve even been taken down. This ability is what will deliver you the Bullfango Head.

Palicos come with their equipped move when you hire them. You may need to hire and train a new Gathering-focused Palico with the Pilfer move in order to actually get what you need.

How To Efficiently Farm Bullfango Head In Monster Hunter Rise

Right, now we know how to get the Bullfango Head, it’s just a case of getting as many as possible. Naturally you will want to gear up and get ready to head out into an area with a bunch of Bullfango, and the four-star High Rank Gathering Hub quest Lost and Found is perfect for that, as it marks the locations of Jagras and Bullfango throughout the Shrine Ruins on your map.

This is a simple quest, and therefore you should take it on by yourself. Going solo, instead of with a group or creating a Join Request quest, allows you to take two buddies into the field, and I’m guessing you know what that means.

Yes, instead of just one Palico helping you Pilfer from Bullfango, how about two? Get two Palico levelled up, both Gathering-type with the Pilfer equipped move, and then head out into this quest to hunt down Bullfango. You can even set their AI to target Small Monsters to complete your strategy.

You should also not ignore the Felvine, which is on your D-pad menu. The Felvine boosts the effectiveness of your Buddy, and can be used infinitely, though comes with a long cooldown. Using it when up against Bullfango might give you Palico the push it needs to Pilfer the resources you are hunting for.

Bullfango Head Farming Instructions

  • Equip two Palico buddies with the Pilfer move.
  • Begin the four-star Hub quest Lost and Found solo.
  • Use the Felvine when fighting Bullfango to prompt your Palico to Pilfer.
  • Repeat.

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