Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Machalite Ore

Monster Hunter Rise is the kind of game you can easily lose a whole day to – or a whole weekend. It has a gameplay loop quite unlike any other, that sees you thrust into the heart of battle time and time again, only to become stronger and more confident each and every time. Monster Hunter Rise just feels good to play and keep playing.

But to get those last bits of strength out of your given weapons and armour, you’ll need materials to strengthen them, and unless you’ve been diligently farming for items on every expedition, you may find yourself running low.

In this guide we’ll be running through the ways you can obtain Machalite Ore, an important ore that you won’t be able to upgrade many weapons without. Collect plenty of this ore in advance, and you will be able to swiftly ascend and upgrade all of your equipment before the next big battle.

Best Mining Spots For Machalite Ore

Machalite Ore is found in the ground – duh – and you will have seen these mining spots in every area in Monster Hunter Rise. Machalite can actually be found in every area, but only once you ascend to higher Hunter Ranks.

As a low-rank hunter, you’ll first find Machalite in the Sandy Plains. Try mining every node you find and boost your gathering rate with dango, and you should be able to find some.

It’s much more reliable, however, to go into the Lava Caverns. The blue nodes here have the best chance of giving you Machalite Ore, so it may even be best to wait until you have unlocked this area before attempting any real farming runs. Once you’re higher level, you can undertake Expeditions through the Lava Caverns to farm mining nodes.

Here are the areas and nodes where you can find Malachite Ore:

  • Shine Ruins – White nodes
  • Frost Islands – White nodes
  • Sandy Plains – White and blue nodes
  • Flooded Forest – White and blue nodes
  • Lava Caverns – Blue nodes

Best Monsters To Hunt For Machalite Ore

One monster in particular is very interesting in Monster Hunter Rise, and that’s the Basarios. The Basarios is a wyvern literally made of stone and minerals, and when you break parts off of this huge beast, it can drop rare ore, including Machalite.

In addition to that, after a hard fight it will attempt to retreat and sleep by burrowing into a whole. When it does this you can load barrels around it for an explosive awakening, but you can also mine the back of the creature like a node, and you’ll have a good chance of recovering Machalite or Light Crystals. Every little helps.

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