Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Money Or Zenny

If you’re in Monster Hunter Rise’s end game, then you may find yourself low on money. For the longest time both Zenny and PointsMH Rise’s two currencies – are plentiful, and you’ll find yourself with more than what you know what to do with. And then suddenly it’s all gone.

As you get to the end game, forging weapons and armour becomes very, very expensive, and getting the money necessary to forge items is just as difficult as getting the rare materials to make the best equipment in the game.

In this guide we’re going to outline all of the best ways to make money, or Zenny, in MHR. There are loads of ways to make small amounts of money, but there aren’t many ways that are truly efficient and can be considered a good way to farm the currency you need. Read below for everything you need to know.

Hardcore Questing

The most obvious and direct way to earn money in MH Rise is questing, of course. If you undertake some High Rank quests and manage to not faint in the process, you’ll get more than 10k Zenny per quest, which isn’t bad – though it’s also not a lot for the amount of time these quests can take.

If you want to go this route to farm money, you should pick one quest which can be quickly completed – a single Large Monster hunt, for example. Then you should build a character specifically to take down this monster, with ideal armour and weapons. Once you’ve crafted your perfect character and you have a strategy in mind, it’ll be far faster to take down any given monster, and easier to farm the money from the end of the quest.

Delivery Items

Certain Delivery Items can be worth a fair amount of Points and Zenny. If you’re looking for an interesting way to earn money, then you should go on a High Rank Expedition and try to get some Delivery Items done.

A good choice in Golden Gargwa Eggs. These appear in High Rank quests, and you can use our general Gargwa Eggs guide to find out how to find them. Otherwise you can pick your favourite Delivery Item Gathering Node in any given area.

Monster Material Farming

This, for my money, is the most efficient way to get money in MH Rise. You need to find a rare, powerful High Rank monster, like Magnamalo, and farm it to death in order to sell the excess materials.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound great, especially if you’re saving your supply of materials for rare weapons and armour, but after several fights you’ve probably got excess of a few High Rank materials, which are signified with a + at the end of the item name. These items will often sell for thousands of Zenny each, and you don’t have to sell your entire stack.

If you have a particular monster set you’re working towards, or a weapon you really want, you should farm that given monster, not just for the materials, but for excess materials that you can sell. Make sure to Wyvern Ride often to break the parts and pick them up, and use both Capture and Kill methods of hunting to get a good variety of materials from every fight.

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