Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Toxic Kumori

So you’re finally a High Rank hunter and are tracking down all kinds of rare resources and materials for the final bits of your ultimate build in Monster Hunter Rise, huh? That’s a wonderful place to be, but it is made pretty difficult when you consider how hard to find so many pieces tend to be.

One of those rare materials is the Toxic Kumori, and much like the Gothjelly we recently wrote about, you will not find this material by going into the game’s areas and searching every gathering node – not even in High Rank. Toxic Kumori is much more elusive than that.

That’s exactly why we’ve written this guide. Here we’re going to break down exactly how you can acquire Toxic Kumori, and how you can farm loads of it for all of your crafting and forging experiments. Just follow our instructions below and you’ll soon have all the Toxic Kumori you need in MH Rise.

How To Find Find Toxic Kumori In Monster Hunter Rise

Toxic Kumori is one of the exclusive items you can only get via the passive item farming services, the Meowcenaries and the Argosy – but specifically, the Toxic Kumori in particular can only be obtained through the Argosy.

The Argosy can have up to three trading services active, where your buddies can go into the wild and acquire items for you. While gathering certain items, Toxic Kumori may also be found by your buddies.

If you want Toxic Kumori, then you’ll find it can only be gathered as a side effect of farming for herbs and plants through the Argosy. If you want Toxic Kumori, you can only acquire it by making your buddies go hunting for those plants. The plants you should be looking for are below.

How To Earn Toxic Kumori Breakdown

  • Earned via – The Argosy

List Of Plants To Search For To Find Toxic Kumori

  • Herb
  • Antidote Herb
  • Fire Herb
  • Flowfern
  • Sleep Herb
  • Snow Herb
  • Sunscorned Grass
  • Ivy

How To Farm Toxic Kumori In Monster Hunter Rise

If you want as much Toxic Kumori as possible, then your first focus should be on making sure the Argosy is working at full capacity. You should’ve already completed the necessary Side Quests to earn the Argosy’s extra submarines. If you haven’t, worry not, as we have guides for both of those here:

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Economic Stimulation

Now that you have three submarines to work with, you should make sure the buddies you’re sending into the submarines are levelled. All of your buddies should be able to work efficiently, and to do that they need to be fairly powerful. We already have a guide for levelling and hiring buddies, but all you really need to know is that the Dojo should be pretty much constantly working to power up your excess pals in MHR.

Once you have a team of three strong buddies ready to head out in the submarines, set each of their target item to one of the plants listed above, and then use the Buddy Bargaining feature to increase the speed at which they can find items – at the cost of points. You can also use a Lagniapple to increase the amount of time their increased bargaining speed will last for.

Now that’s all in place go do some quests, and check back in with the Argosy via your Housekeeper Palico after each to see their progress. You will be able to take any items they’ve gathered thus far without interrupting their trading activities, so you can pick up Toxic Kumori regularly and work on your crafts slowly but surely.

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