Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gets Digital Reveal Event On March 15

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is getting its own 20-minute livestream event next week. Capcom has confirmed that this special broadcast will contain "exciting reveals of new monsters, gameplay info, and more!”

The presentation will take place on March 15 at 7 AM PT (10 AM ET, 14:00 GMT). Streaming will be on Capcom’s Twitch channel.

As we found out in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s previous teaser at last September’s Nintendo Direct, the coming expansion will arrive sometime this summer. Besides showing gameplay and new monsters, fans are certainly hoping that Capcom also narrows that release window down to an actual date.

Outside of Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise was Capcom’s biggest Monster Hunter release to date. It was especially successful on Steam, where it became the second-biggest Steam release for the Japanese publisher, surpassing 100,000 concurrent players mere days after release. That success is in no small part to Capcom’s new focus on the PC market that ensured Monster Hunter Rise’s port to Steam was as seamless as possible.

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