Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Red Hell Hunter’s Hint Side Quest

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As you quest your way through Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you will fight more difficult versions of the monsters you know and love from High Rank. With this new difficulty of monsters comes new requests and side quests, which you can complete for unique rewards.

Upon reaching Master Rank 4, you can accept the side quest Red Hell Hunter's Hint from the Red Hell Hunter. Let's take a look at how to complete this side quest, and what the rewards are for doing so.

Red Hell Hunter's Hint Side Quest

To complete the Red Hell Hunter's Hint Side Quest, you must capture a Master Rank Tigrex. You won't be able to complete this quest by capturing a Low or High Rank Tigrex, so keep that in mind when selecting a quest. Master Rank Tigrexes appear in the following quests.

Quest NameQuest TypeMR Requirement
Destructive InstructorFollower Quest
  • MR4
Absolute PowerHub Key Quest
  • MR4
Give a Girl Some Fluff!Hub Quest
  • MR4
A Request From Your SuperiorHub Quest
  • MR4
Wicked Wyvern TrilogyHub Quest
  • MR4
Operation TigrexSupport Survey
  • MR4
Burning Air, Trembling EarthFollower Quest
  • MR5
Seismic ScaresHub Quest
  • MR5
Operation Magma RegionSupport Survey
  • MR5
Unbridled MayhemHub Quest
  • MR6
OperationT'd OffSupport Survey
  • MR6

The earliest quest you can accept with Tigrex is Destructive Instructor, which is also one of the best ways of completing this side quest because you can tackle the quest with Minoto, who will aid you in battle, making it easier to take down this monster.

To capture a Tigrex, make sure you bring Traps and Tranq Bombs to the quest. Tigrex is weak to Thunder, so bring a weapon with this element and battle the monster like normal until the blue capture-ready symbol appears below the monster's icon.

At this point, prepare your Trap and wait for Tigrex to fall into it. Then, quickly throw your Tranq Bombs at the monster to capture it. Upon returning from the quest, the Red Hell Hunter's Hint side quest will be complete.

Red Hell Hunter's Hint Side Quest – Rewards

For your hard work capturing an MR Tigrex, you will be rewarded with the crafting recipe for the Felyne Cannon+ Heavy Bowgun. This weapon has the following stats.

  • Attack – 340
  • Affinity – 0%
  • Defense Bonus – 0
  • Decoration Slots – x3 level 1 slots, x1 level 2 Rampage slot
  • Deviation – R Severe
  • Recoil – Average
  • Reload – Below Average
  • Cluster Bomb Type – Level Shot
  • Special Ammo – Wyvernsnipe

Additionally, the Red Hell Hunter will reward you with an Ultimas Crystal for completing the side quest, which can be used to craft a variety of weapons and armor.

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