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As you fight your way through Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you will face monsters of increasing difficulty. Likewise, side quests to defeat and capture these monsters will become available, allowing you opportunities to snag unique and powerful rewards.

The Ultimate Upgrade side quest becomes available after reaching MR3, and will task you with capturing a Shogun Ceanataur. Let's take a look at how to capture this monster, as well as what the rewards are for completing this side quest.

Ultimate Upgrade Side Quest

To complete the Ultimate Upgrade side quest, you'll need to capture a Shogun Ceanataur. The earliest quest this monster appears in is My Ceanataur Gently Weeps, which unlocks upon reaching Master Rank three. This monster also appears in the following quests.

Quest NameQuest TypeMR Requirement
Rock, Razor, PincersHub Key Quest
  • MR3
My Ceanataur Gently WeepsHub Key Quest
  • MR3
Operation Shogun CeanataurSupport Survey
  • MR3
Flooded Forest FeastFollower Quest
  • MR4
Pincers Versus PyroHub Key Quest
  • MR4
Jade Membrane, Sapphire ClawsHub Quest
  • MR4
Monkey-Crab Turf WarSupport Survey
  • MR6

Tips For Capturing Shogun Ceanataur

Before you depart on your quest to capture a Shogun Ceanataur, be sure you have Pitfall and Shock Traps, and Tranq Bombs stocked up. Additionally, Shogun Ceanataur is weak to thunder and fire, so bring a weapon of either of these elements for an easier time reducing its health.

When Shogun Ceanatuar gets low on health, place down a trap and lure the monster into it. As soon as it's ensnared, throw your Tranq Bombs at it to capture it. Once Shogun Ceanataur is captured, the quest will be complete. Return to Elgado and speak with Admiral Galleus to collect your reward.

Ultimate Upgrade Side Quest – Rewards

Upon completing the Ultimate Upgrade side quest, you will obtain the recipe for the Hi Ninja Sword+ Sword and Shield. This upgraded version of the Hi Ninja Sword has the following stats.

  • Attack – 250
  • Maximum Sharpness – Blue
  • Element – None
  • Affinity – 100%
  • Defense Bonus – 0
  • Decoration Slots – x3 1 slot, x1 Rampage slot

Additionally, Galleus will reward you with a few Ultimas Crystals for completing this quest. These materials are used in a variety of weapon and armor recipes, and are sure to come in handy as you progress through Master Rank quests.

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