Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find Uroktor And Uroktor Scales

When you need to find a specific monster and a specific materials, but just can’t seem to locate them anywhere, it’s the worst. This is especially true for the elusive Uroktor in Monster Hunter Rise. If you can locate them, there won’t be many, and they have a terrible tendency to burrow underground so you can’t hunt them. Very frustrating.

But that’s okay, because with some tenacity and patience you can hunt and farm Uroktor for quests, small monster-slaying challenges, and precious Uroktor scales. In this guide we’re going to walk you through exactly where you can find six Uroktor in a single run, and if you can wait a few minutes they will all respawn.

Just read below for everything you need to know to hunt Uroktor in MH Rise.

Which Stage Can You Find Uroktor In, Monster Hunter Rise

When searching through MHR for Uroktor, you are probably already going through the Lava Caverns, and still not spotting any. This is the only stage in the game where you can find Uroktor, and yet they are elusive enough to either not be seen, or completely ignored. Below we’re going to specify three areas where you should be able to find two Uroktor each in the Lava Caverns.

Uroktor Location One

The first location is area 13 in the Lava Caverns. From the South camp, just keep heading right. Down in this chamber is the first location where you can find Uroktor, but you’ll just see insects. Check down the sides of the main platform, near the lava, to find two Uroktor.

Uroktor Location Two

Next is a bit more North from the chamber in area 13. Uphill, you’ll see a number of raised platforms on your right. Jump down to the base of these platforms and you’ll find another two Uroktor.

Uroktor Location Three

Our final location is in chamber 14, now this area is tricky because this is where I often encountered larger monsters who were interrupting my small-time hunt, and also where Uroktor would burrow underground to hide from me. Luckily they often dig themselves back out in the same locations, so you can just wait for them to return.

Once you’ve gone through all three of our locations, either begin your expedition again or wait patiently for respawns, and you’ll be able to get an easy six Uroktor every few minutes.

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