Monster Hunter World: The 10 Hardest Monsters To Take Down (& Strategies To Beat Them)

The concept of Monster Hunter World has players defeating a multitude of monsters that range in difficulty. Some are a breeze, while other beasts require the help of a few friends in order to defeat them. It can seem impossible to defeat these particular monsters, but luckily there are a few tips and tricks that can help you out.

The best armor and weapons are crafted by defeating these beasts, which is why it is such a challenge in the first place. Everyone has their own opinion about which monsters cause them trouble, but there are a few that everyone can agree are truly difficult to beat!

10 Bazelgeuse

This is a flying Wyvern that tends to show up to fights where you are fighting other large monsters in any biome. However, if you don’t want to fight this monster then you can use dung pods to scare it away, but it could show back up a few seconds later.

You will want to watch out for its exploding pods and scales that it scatters around the area. The best plan of attack is to aim for the legs to knock it down, then focus on its chin and tail where its scale-generating organs lie.


  • Weak: Thunder, and somewhat Dragon and Ice
  • Susceptible Ailments: Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis
  • Weak Body Parts: Head and Tail


  • Explosive Pods
  • Explosive Scales
  • Damaging Charge
  • Resistant To Fire
  • Uses Fireblight and Fire Element

9 Teostra

The Teostra is an Elder Dragon that can be found in Wildspire Waste, The Guiding Lands, and Elder’s Recess. You will want to use Heat Guard against this monster and primarily aim for its head.

Many players recommend using a Flash Pod to knock him to the ground before he signals a Supernova, or use a Crystalburst to interrupt this attack. The best weapons to use are those with Elderseal capabilities and if Lunastra is in the same area it is in your best interest to keep them apart.


  • Weak: Water and Ice
  • Susceptible Ailments: Poison and Stun
  • Weak Body Parts: Head, and somewhat Wings and Tail


  • Resistant to Fire
  • Uses Fireblight and Blastblight
  • Exploding Black Scale Dust
  • Flame Shield
  • Supernova

8 Xeno’jiiva

This monster can only be found in Elder’s Recess and it is one of the Elder Dragons. You will want to stay out of range when it enters Rage Mode as its stomps become explosive. You will want to aim for its head and tail, and while it can’t be mounted, you can use Slinger Ammo to shoot it out of the sky.


  • Slightly Weak: Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, and Dragon
  • Susceptible Ailments: Poison, and somewhat Blast
  • Weak Body Parts: Head and Tail, and somewhat Front Claws


  • Resistant to Sleep, and somewhat Stun and Paralysis
  • Uses Fireblight and Dragonblight
  • Lethal Explosive Stomp
  • Projectiles
  • Diving Claw Attack

7 Kulve Taroth

This is another Elder Dragon and it can be found in the Caverns of El Dorado. It is recommended you use a ranged weapon for this fight and also have the Partbreaker Skill. You will want to aim your attacks at the chest and don’t try to block her attacks unless you are using Lance’s Power Guard. It is also recommended you have Heat Guard or bring Cool Drinks for this fight.


  • Weak: Water and Ice, and somewhat Dragon
  • Weakness with gold plating: Thunder, and somewhat Water
  • Weak Body Parts: Head, and somewhat Horns and Forelegs


  • Resistant to Thunder and Fire
  • Resistant with gold plating to Ice and Dragon
  • Uses Fireblight
  • Charge Attack
  • Stomp and Sweep
  • Barrel Roll
  • Fire Breath
  • Magma Breath

6 Black Diablos

The Black Diablos is a flying Wyvern and can be found in Wildspire Waste. Traps are very effective against this monster, as any pro player will know, and it usually spawns near a Diablos which it will fight. The best way to dodge her attacks is to sheathe your weapon, and one method of attack that works well is the hit-and-run method.


  • Weak: Ice, and somewhat Water
  • Susceptible Ailments: Paralysis, and somewhat Poison, Sleep, and Blast
  • Weak Body Parts: Head, Chest, and Wings


  • Resistant to Fire and Dragon
  • Uses Stun
  • Speed
  • Dig Attack
  • Homing Charge

5 Nergigante

The Nergigante can be found in Wildspire Waste and Elder’s Recess, and it is a monstrous Elder Dragon. The biggest thing to watch for when fighting this monster is the spikes it randomly grows across its body.

They are breakable when they are a yellowish color, but when they turn black they can deflect your attacks. You will want to perfect your leaping dodge to avoid its Dive Bomb Attack, and Dragon Pod Slinger will occasionally drop this monster from the sky.


  • Weak: Thunder, and somewhat Dragon
  • Somewhat Susceptible Ailments: Stun, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, and Blast
  • Weak Body Parts: Horns and Tail


  • Resistant to nothing
  • Uses nothing
  • Growable Spikes
  • Dive Bomb Attack
  • Launchable Spikes
  • Immune to Traps

4 Deviljho

The only Brute Wyvern on this list is the Deviljho and you can run into this monster in any location. You will want to aim for its head, belly, and tail, but be wary of using Pitfall Traps as it can still attack you with its head while stuck.  It does have quite a bit of health, so patience is needed to slowly wear it down as its parts can be used to craft an amazing set of armor.


  • Weak: Thunder and Dragon, and somewhat Fire and Water
  • Somewhat Susceptible Ailments: Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Blast, and Sleep
  • Weak Body Parts: Head, Belly, and Tail


  • Resistant to nothing
  • Uses Dragonblight, Defense Down, Fireblight, Iceblight, Waterblight, and Effluvial Buildup
  • Chin Slam
  • Tail Whip
  • Dragon Breath
  • Can still attack in Pit Traps

3 Ancient Leshen

This monster uses its claws to attack and it can be found in the Ancient Forest. It is recommended you take down this monster with a group of friends and make sure to knock down the rocks above it at the beginning of the battle. You can use the Witcher Emote to deal damage, but make sure not to do it while it is mounted as this will do less damage than intended.


  • Weak: Fire, and somewhat Dragon and Thunder
  • Somewhat Susceptible Ailments: Poison
  • Weak Body Parts: Antlers, Body, and Legs


  • Resistant to Water and Sleep
  • Can cause Bleeding
  • Summons Roots
  • Crow Attack
  • Root Imprisonment
  • Teleportation
  • Summons Jagras Pack

2 Lunastra

This Elder Dragon can be fought in Elder’s Recess, Wildspire Waste, and The Guiding Lands. Her moves are similar to that of Teostra, but she is worse because of her damage over time and range. You must have Cool Drinks on hand, or Heat Guard, because of her pools of fire. Crystalbursts are very effective, as well as the best Paralysis weapons which will make the fight so much easier.


  • Weak: Ice, and somewhat Dragon
  • Somewhat Susceptible Ailments: Blast and Stun
  • Weak Body Parts: Wings, and somewhat Head and Tail


  • Resistant to Fire
  • Uses Fireblight
  • Blue Flames do Heat Damage
  • Heats The Air
  • Supernova

1 Extreme Behemoth (Extremoth)

The Extreme Behemoth is known among players as the Extremoth and it can be found in Elder’s Recess. You will want to face this beast with a fully stocked team and the first step is to put him to sleep beneath the boulder traps.

The best bet is to focus on the front claws and horns, but you won’t win the fight unless your team knows and understands their roles. This is the hardest monster to face in the game and will take some time, patience, and practice before you are successful in this endeavor.


  • Weak: Dragon
  • Somewhat Susceptible Ailments: Poison, Blast, Stun, Paralysis, and Sleep
  • Weak Body Parts: Horns, Claws, and Tail


  • Resistant to Thunder and Fire
  • Uses Fireblight and Thunderblight
  • Can cause Bleeding
  • Ecliptic Meteor
  • Charybdis
  • Thunderbolt
  • Comet

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