Morrowind Modder Adds The Family Cat To Save Their Kids From Terrifying Mudcrabs

The modder going by NoUsernamesNotTaken has been gathering attention for adding the family cat to Morrowind as a means of protecting their kids who “liked to play, but were terrified of mudcrabs.” NoUsernamesNotTaken recently participated in the Morrowind May Modathon, but the family cat in question, Stripes, appeared for the first time in the game several years ago.

"I made this for my kids when they were little,” NoUsernamesNotTaken remarked. "They liked to play, but were terrified of mudcrabs, so I made them a companion protector based off the family cat." Stripes can be found in the game casting the spell known as Shocking Touch because of its ability in the real world to attract static electricity. NoUsernamesNotTaken referred to the cat “a little furball.”

"He was a stray cat that showed up one day and made himself at home,” NoUsernamesNotTaken described. “He would follow alongside whenever we went for a walk with the kids or when walking the dog. The dog had to be on a leash, but not Stripes. He faithfully walked right beside us everywhere we went. So, this mod is actually realistic in that regard. And because he is a little furball, he collects static electricity and will attack with Shocking Touch.”

Players who download the mod will be able to find Stripes waiting for them in Caldera. “You can tell him to follow or stay through dialogue, but I also added spells you can cast on Stripes to make him follow, stay, or play. This was much more fun and easier for my kids,” NoUsernamesNotTaken pointed out. “The spells are automatically added when you get near him.”

The developer behind Morrowind, Bethesda, recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its release and players have been taking to platforms like Resetera to relate their memories. "I bought an Xbox to play Morrowind,” the user calling themselves Tobor said. Morrowind was "one of the greatest games I ever played.”

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