MultiVersus Director Confirms Finn Is Getting Nerfed Soon

MultiVersus' director has confirmed that Finn will receive a nerf in the future.

Although MultiVersus is fairly balanced overall, there are a few characters in the roster that are stronger than others. By far the clearest example of this is Adventure Time's Finn, who has incredible priority on his attacks, an incredibly strong recovery move that can knock people out easily, can charge his attacks while on the move, and all around has good speed and strength stats. Add to this the fact that he's one of the free characters in the rotation right now, and there's a lot of Finn spamming in MultiVersus currently.

Thankfully, it looks like Ooo's greatest hero is going to be getting a nerf at some point in the future. One MultiVersus fan shared their work on reworking Finn's model to be more accurate to the show, including having his robotic arm, sharing their model with MultiVersus' director, Tony Huynh. In that same thread, a Twitter user asked Huynh if Finn was getting a nerf in the future, to which he simply replied, "Yes".

Huynh didn't give any further details on what might be changed about Finn in the future, or when we can expect the nerfs to kick in, but it seems likely that it'll be part of the next update for MultiVersus, as Huynh has confirmed that there are several big changes and bug fixes that have been made to the game that'll be released in an update following EVO. Whether that update has been delayed alongside Season 1 hasn't been announced yet, but we should find out soon.

Finn isn't the only character confirmed to get some adjustments in the near future. Just last week, Huynh confirmed that Bugs Bunny will be getting nerfed, while Wonder Woman will be getting buffed. No other characters have been announced to be getting changed soon, but patch notes for the latest update revealed that Taz will eventually have his tornado move further tweaked to work on a cooldown.

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