MultiVersus’ Game Of Thrones Stage To Be Added Tomorrow

Back when Marvin the Martian was first announced, MultiVersus developer Player First revealed that a Game of Thrones stage would arrive shortly after his introduction, but didn't provide a release date. The wait is finally over now though, as it has been confirmed that this stage will be added to MultiVersus tomorrow as part of a larger update.

We don't quite know how the stage will function just yet as it was promised that "Westeros-based hazards" would be included, but we'll find out tomorrow as the stage enters rotation into both Teams and Singles modes. It also doesn't look like it will be the only addition in tomorrow's update, as the rumored Winter event that players have been expecting could also drop just in time for the Christmas season. Player First and MultiVersus director Tony Huynh have teased as much via their respective Twitter accounts.

While we don't know the specifics of the Winter event, it's highly likely that it will function similarly to the Halloween event that recently passed. We'll probably see some Christmas skins for already released characters, while it's also possible we could get another holiday-themed currency to unlock certain items. It's pretty unlikely we'll see a new character drop, but you never know with how erratic the game is with its announcements. We won't know for sure until tomorrow though.

MultiVersus fans and Player First will probably be hoping this update can bring back a decent chunk of players who seem to have dropped off since launch. Between now and it's peak in July, MultiVersus has lost a whopping 65,000 players, although that is just on PC alone. It's not too surprising since MultiVersus is a free to play game, but it's still a pretty significant drop off when you consider other platforms may have seen similar decreases. Hopefully, this map and Winter event will give the game the kick up the backside it needs.

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