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He has finally arrived in MultiVersus: the one true Morty! But what can Morty do? What is his thing? Well, a little bit of everything, honestly. That's right, he can clobber with some rangy normals, he has a number of projectiles that hit at odd angles, and he even has the ability to freely teleport. Oh, and if used correctly, his grenades can lead to devastating amounts of damage very early.

If you are thinking that this all sounds pretty damn good, we are here to tell you that you are right. While it is still very early days, and a lot can (and will) change, at the moment Morty seems like a pretty damn good character. But the thing is, being strong doesn't make him necessarily easy to use. There is a serious learning curve to this neurotic bruiser. Worry not, we'll guide you in your Morty journey; just like a good Rick would!

Ability Overview

Morty is a bruiser. What the game doesn't tell you is that Morty is also a mage. Oh, and he is maybe a bit of a support character, as well? Okay, what class Morty is doesn't really matter; the truth is he doesn't fit into one comfortably. The important part is that he has a whole range of incredible tools that are more than capable of messing up his opponents.

Grounded Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Aw Geez, Snakes!AttackChargeable, ProjectileOkay, there is a lot here. For starters, this is a projectile that travels about half of the screen, then fires snakes both up and down. Then, it goes into a short cooldown, where you get a weaker, non-snake shot.

The other element that we need to cover here is that this shot will home in on any grenade that is on the battlefield (and will detonate said grenade on impact).

This is an extremely important tool in Morty's kit. If you aren't using it, then you are missing out.

Unresolved Anger IssuesForward + AttackChargeable (final hit)While this combo attack is a little on the slower side, and isn't a good move for killing, it is very rangy (for a melee attack).

You are going to have to use this attack thoughtfully, as hitting with the first hit doesn't guarantee that the second hit will land. That means that your opponent can dodge the second hit even if they were tagged by the first.

If for the third hit you use a neutral attack (so forward + attack, forward + attack, and then neutral attack), then the combo will end with a very rangy whip attack. Hitting with the tip of the whip will see Morty fling toward the opponent.

If you pick the Armthony Signature Perk, then the third hit of the regular combo sees Morty perform a spinning attack, similar to Finn's Backpack Attack, but with better range (and less ringout potential). You will be vulnerable if people attack you from above, though.

Aw Geez, More Snakes!Up + AttackChargeable, WeakenedThis is the same attack as Aw Geez, Snakes!, but angled upward. That means that the snakes will shoot out to the left and the right.

The snakes will eventually arch downward, which means that you can attack opponents who are on the other end of the screen with this attack.

Plumbus Time!Down + AttackCleanse, WeaknessThis down attack has awful range, but you can move while you use it. It also applies weak to your opponents and will cleanse your allies.
It's a Grenade, I ThinkSpecialChargeableUse this attack to throw a grenade. Morty starts off with three of them. If you charge the attack, you will throw them farther. You can also aim the throw upward.

Using your Aw Geeze, Snakes attack will set these grenades off; otherwise, they will explode after a set amount of time.

If you attack the grenades they will be deflected by the attack. This means that you can throw out three of them at the beginning of the round, hit them with your Unresolved Anger Issues attack, then shoot the whole batch when they get close to an opponent. This setup will do massive damage.

Power of Earth!Forward + SpecialChargeable.The Power Of Earth attack will see you summon a rocky spike from the earth. Charging it will see the attack travel farther.

If it hits a grenade it will split the grenade in two.

Uh, Auto-Pilot?Up + SpecialChargeableUh, Auto-Pilot? Summons your spaceship and has it just travel directly upward. This is an amazing way to save yourself when you have been thrown off the platform.

There is also room to use this move for shenanigans. You can try to use this as you are comboing your opponent, and it will give you a spike in midair. It will also give you a ground surface that will reset your moves in the air, but it seems pretty tricky to use this way. We were never able to quite use it in that manner effectively, but we think there is untapped potential there.

Temporal Back-UpDown + SpecialThis attack does a lot. Once you activate it, a cutout of Morty will appear where you were when you activated the attack. Using Temporal Back-Up again will smack your opponent if they overlap with the cutout.

It also leaves a grenade where Morty was when he zipped back.

This move is one of Morty's trickier attacks. Best of all, it can kill!

Aerial Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Aw Geez, Air Snakes!AttackChargeable, Projectile, WeakenedThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Barbarian InstinctsForward + AttackChargeableA great, fast attack you can use to approach opponents from the air. It is a combo-style attack and both hits of the combo can be charged.

This is a fast-moving attack that has a pretty nice hitbox. It isn't incredibly rangy, but does have a nice arc that covers the front side of Morty.

Power of Fire!Up + AttackIgniteThis is a nice, quick, attack that hits above Morty. It can kill and will set your opponents on fire. It doesn't have crazy range, but it is still a fantastic up attack.
Armothy AssaultDown + AttackThis is a fantastic spiking attack. It has excellent range!

If you have been paying attention, a lot of characters in MultiVersus actually have pretty damn good spiking attacks, but even among them, Morty's is one of the best.

Yep, That's a GrenadeSpecialThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Another Portal?Forward + SpecialThis is a tricky move that will allow you to teleport a short distance. You are able to guide it with your reticle.

You can also fire projectiles through the portal, and they will travel further.

You can be really sneaky with this attack and get behind your opponents.

Uh, Auto-Pilot?Up + SpecialThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Temporal Back-UpDown + SpecialThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.

Battle Strategy

Morty is an excellent character, but there is an awkwardness to using his as well. While a character like Batman is extremely effective and has a number of easy-to-understand attacks, Morty's toolkit can appear a little more arcane and, and least initially, difficult to interpret.

Before we get into offense, let's quickly talk about recovery… Morty has excellent tools for getting back to the platform, but you are going to need to get used to them. His Auto-Pilot specials are, of course, his most potent recovery tool, but it has a long cooldown. So, when you don't have it, use your Another Portal, and angle the teleport upwards and toward the platform.

Morty has a few straightforward kill attacks, such as his Armothy Assault and his Power Of Fire! attacks (those are his aerial up and down attacks). And those are very straightforward. They are also how he will get the majority of his kills. The rest of his kit is—for the most part—about harassing opponents, whittling down their health, and setting up for those killing attacks.

It is also worth mentioning that Morty's Temporal Backup and Plumbus will kill as well. Surprisingly, the final hit of his Unresolved Anger combo, even when fully charged, is not a great way to kill. Similarly, his grenades will pop the opponent into the air, and they can do seriously huge damage, but they are also not good for getting opponents off the screen.

So what do we do with this knowledge? Well, it is a great way of informing us of what we need to do. We need the enemy in the air so that we can hit them with the Power Of Fire! attack, or we need to approach them from above so that we can spike them with the Armothy Assault attack. A great way to pop enemies up is with Morty's grenades. Conveniently, these are also one of Morty's best ways of dealing damage.

If you hit with three grenades (the amount Morty can throw at one time), then you will hit for very close to forty damage. It is absurd. So, a great setup is to throw your three grenades right in front of you, then smack the grenades with the first hit of your combo, and finally shoot them when they cluster around your opponent. If your opponent is already hurt when this hits them, it will be an excellent opportunity to score a ringout with your Power Of Fire attack in the air (as the explosion from the grenades will send them flying).

In general, once your opponent is suitably roughed up, you are probably going to want to start putting grenades out into the world so that you can fish for that popup. But Morty isn’t just grenades; he also has a pretty great melee game. You are going to want to use his Barbarian Instincts to approach from the sky; it doesn't knock the enemy far back, but it will disrupt them and it leads into your Unresolved Anger combo. Don't go chest-to-chest when you are using Morty's combo attack; its greatest strength is its range.

A great way to land your Armothy Assault is to set it up with your Another Portal attack. This will allow you to teleport straight above your opponent's head and land this damaging spike. If you are engaging injured foes, also try to make good use of your Temporal Back-Up. Once you zip back to your cutout, you will slam into your opponent and send them flying. It can kill, but even if it doesn't, it will set up opportunities to land the attacks that most certainly will.

For edge guarding, you are going to want to land your heaviest hitting attacks, but also consider using your Aw Jeez, More Snakes attack, as this projectile can slap opponents out of the air as they are trying to recover. You can also scrub with your Plumbus near the corner and clip opponents that way.

So, in summary… Use your grenades to deal damage, and your Snake gun to ignite the grenades. Use your Unresolved Anger Combo and Barbarian instincts to harass your opponent and chip away at their health. When it is time to kill, focus on hitting with your Armothy Assault and your Power Of Fire attacks, and use your Aw Jeez, More Snakes to take out opponents that are off the platform. The rest of your specials are about being tricky, evasive, and recovering.

Team Play Strategy

Morty has some excellent support moves that you are going to want to use. For starters, his Plumbus cleanses. Considering what a stubby attack that is, cleansing is going to be its primary purpose. Morty also gives grenades to partners when he passes by them. Also, if your partner is about to get rungout, Morty's Temporal Back-Up will rescue them (though you are going to have to be pretty sharp to utilize that technique). Beyond that, you can create platforms for your partner with your Auto-pilot special if they are struggling to get back to the platform. When you aren't harassing your opponents, you should be supporting your partner.

Morty's Progression Unlocks

Mastery LevelImageRewardDescription
TwoPerk: Armor CrushYour team's fully charged attacks break armor.
ThreeCurrency: Toasts x Five
FourPerk: Back To BackYour team receives six percent reduced damage when near an ally.
FiveCurrency: Gold x 100
SixPerk: Equip Ally PerksUnlock the ability to use an ally's perks in team games.
SevenPerk: Fancy FootworkYour team receives five percent increased dodge distance.
EightSignature Perk: I'm More Than Just A HammerWhen Morty summons Hammer Morty, Morty will spin in a circle hitting around himself multiple times.
NinePerk: Perk TrainingUnlocks the ability to train ANY perk in the game.
TenSignature Perk: Oh, That's Still A GrenadeThe explosion radius of Morty's grenades is increased based on their cook duration. Grenades thrown by Morty's allies always have the maximum explosion radius.
ElevenPerk: DeadshotYour team deals five percent increased damage with projectiles.
TwelveSignature Perk: Extra Fleeb JuiceMorty's plumbus leaves the floor extra squeaky clean.
ThirteenPerk: CoffeezillaYour team receives ten percent reduced ability Cooldown duration.
FourteenProfile Icon: Evil Morty Profile
FifteenBadge: Morty Wins

Morty's Signature Perk Overview

Okay, so you have three Signature Perks. The two you are probably going to want to focus on are his Oh That's Still A Grenade perk, which will make your explosions much larger, and the I'm More Than Just A Hammer perk, which gives him a move like Finn's Backpack Attack, but with less kill ability and better range. It is important to note that his grenade perk does not make his grenade hit any harder. However, it does greatly increase the radius of a fully-charged grenade, which, of course, can lead to easier kills.

The Hammer perk isn't going to get you any more kills, but it is amazing for causing havoc and dealing damage. The individual hits aren't particularly heavy, but they add up fast. So what about the Extra Fleeb Juice? Well, it removes status effects from the ground. That means it will remove Reindog's firewall, Velma's ice puddle, and Bug Bunny's burrow. We think that it is almost certainly the weakest of his signature perks, but it does let Morty nullify certain attacks, which is pretty interesting. This could be a Signature Perk that you use to counter certain players.

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