MultiVersus Is Bringing Back Ranked Mode This Weekend

A number of new features have been trialed in MultiVersus over the last few months, including ranked mode. Technically just an alpha, ranked has since been removed, but the good news for those who want their gameplay to be more competitive is it will be returning this weekend.

MultiVersus director Tony Huynh, who has been incredibly open about what's going on behind the scenes since the game launched, revealed the good news on Twitter. “We're enabling Ranked tomorrow for just the weekend to test a few updates,” Huynh tweeted. Although he has clarified ranked will only be back for the weekend for the time being, Huynh hasn't specified when exactly it will be removed again, but it will likely be at some time on Sunday.

Ranked mode's alpha came to an end on Tuesday. Running for a week, Player 1st used it to test out how exactly the mode will work and iron out any issues. Fielding more questions about ranked's second outing, Huynh explained this weekend will mostly be about how the algorithm behaves, presumably making sure it matches players with opponents of a similar level.

Updates to the algorithm is one of four updates that have been made to ranked in the few days since it was removed from MultiVersus. Also tweaked ahead of its return this weekend is matchmaking, a reduced map pool with hazards off, and friends appearing in the ranked leaderboard. Huynh has also clarified double characters will still be allowed as that's a problem that hasn't yet been fixed.

MultiVersus season two kicked off this week, but unlike season one, its loading screen hasn't given away who's coming to the game next. There have been pretty clear indicators that Looney Tunes' Marvin the Martian will be the next character to join the fight, though. As for what season two has already brought to the game, Silly Queue now includes a big head mode, and Samurai Batman is available again for the first time since the alpha.

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