Naoki Yoshida’s Recent Comments About Final Fantasy 16 Got Him In Trouble With PR

Final Fantasy 16's producer, Naoki Yoshida, might have gotten in trouble with Square Enix's PR over recent comments he's made about the game.

Last week we reported that Naoki Yoshida left a special message about Final Fantasy 16 in a pamphlet for UNIQLO's 35th-anniversary Final Fantasy collection. The statement said, "We're in the final stages of development for the new numbered game in the series, Final Fantasy 16. We aim to deliver a comprehensive game full of story and gameplay", before going on to talk about some of the themes of the game.

As it turns out, the comment found within the UNIQLO pamphlet might have gotten Yoshida into trouble with Square Enix's American PR. During a Nier Re(in)carnation stream that happened the other day, Yoshida appeared and ended up talking about Final Fantasy 16's development, revealing that a trailer for the game can be expected "soon".

As translated by aitaikimochi, Yoshida also revealed that he was in trouble with PR for saying too much about Final Fantasy 16. He said, "There was a UNIQLO t-shirt collab with the entire Final Fantasy series from Final Fantasy 1 to Final Fantasy 16, right? Since I'm working on Final Fantasy 16, I had to talk a bit about the game. Little did I know that what I said became BIG news?!"

Yosuke Saito, producer on Nier Re(in)carnation replied that he probably just wanted to talk generally but that it ended up being news on the game's progress. Yoshida then said he was in trouble with PR, "The American marketing PR team got mad at me again. I was just minding my own business and working during Golden Week when I got a real cold email that was like 'Hey, did you comment on the game? If you did, then we could have collected a bit more info. What would you like to do?"

It seems that Yoshida's comments on Final Fantasy 16's development progress weren't exactly approved by Square Enix, and that the studio likely wants to keep any information like that under wraps until it's sure on when it wants to show off the game again.

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