New Enemies Revealed In Elden Ring Leak

Elden Ring is shaping up to be the most anticipated launch of the year. From what we've seen so far, it seems to be a culmination of everything the developer has worked on till now. This statement could mean a lot of things depending on the developer in question, but the fact that I'm referring to FromSoftware makes it a nightmarish thought.

A new leak has given us a look at some of the nightmares we'll be facing come the launch of the game. These leaks are most likely thanks to the datamine of November's network test.

First up is the Crucible Knight, who is – according to what the description of the video suggests – one of 16 who served Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. He looks like a run of the mill humanoid armoured knight with a longsword and shield, but veteran Soulslike players will know that those are the ones to be feared the most.

He starts off with some regular slash and stab attacks and then proceeds to perform an area-of-effect ground pound. All that seems pretty normal until he launches up into the air, sprouts shiny golden wings, and begins swooping down at the player. And if that wasn't enough, once he lands, he materializes a shiny golden scorpion tail to perform a 360 degree spin attack. Classic FromSoftware.

This wasn't the only enemy we got to see, as the leak revealed a few more in other videos. Have you ever annoyed a human sized eagle so much that it lobbed an explosive barrel at you? Well, you will in Elden Ring. And if by any chance you survive the explosion, make sure to watch out for the dual swords attached to its feet. Another video showed the player travelling through some catacombs, fighting what looks like some sword wielding wraiths and gremlins with oversized heads.

But the scariest moment of all comes in the last eight seconds of the video. The player is crossing a narrow bridge, when what looks like a monstrosity made up of several warriors squished together lands right in front of them. To top it off, another one lands behind the player, trapping them on a narrow surface, between the two horrors.

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