New Grounded Update Adds The Bird

Grounded has given us all the bird in its first monthly update.

Even though Grounded is still just in early access, it’s seeing quite a bit of success. With a million players in the first two days of release, Grounded has now grown to “millions” of players, which we take to at least mean two, maybe three million players. Either way, that’s a lot.

To celebrate their success, Obsidian Entertainment just released Grounded’s first monthly update. It’s both small and large, as most things are in Grounded, with new quests, crafting materials, perks, and a giant crow that may or may not try to eat you.

We’ll start with the crow, which is both a blessing and a curse. The curse part is that it’s a bird, and birds usually eat insects (or insect-sized children), so you might become this crow’s lunch if you get noticed. The blessing is that crows drop feathers–feathers you can use to build new things.

Things like the bed and Marksman’s Cap. The bed is a comfy space to sleep (obv) while the Marksman’s Cap increases your character’s bowmanship. There’s also new fences in both Sprig and Acorn Picket varieties, as well as the new Grass and Clover Tables to really bring your tiny living room ensemble together.

BURG.L has new quests for you, too. The Artificer Quest will task you with making a specific item, while the Chipsleuth Quest will send you to get specific BURG.L chips which can be turned in for sweet rewards.

Which brings us to the final big deal of the update, which is perks. These are explained as biological mutations that occur the longer you stay shrunken down. They’re obtained throughout the course of the game and can increase your health, defense, offense, and have other benefits. You can only have three mutations active at a time, so choose wisely.

And because Obsidian secretly hates all of us, they’ve made spiders tougher by giving them new attacks. As if a giant crow wasn’t enough.

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