New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Fireflow Volcano

Fireflow Volcano is a location in New Pokemon Snap that you unlock shortly after completing various tasks across the Maricopia Islands and Sweltering Sands. As you might guess based on the name, it’s filled to the brim with Water Pokemon. I’m joking, it’s obviously got loads of Fairy types. Okay fine, it’s Fire!

Sorry about that. Hopefully you’ll forgive me given that I’ve put together a list of every single Pokemon you can find in Fireflow Volcano in New Pokemon Snap, including where to encounter them and which rank they start appearing in. I’ve even included details about how to snap a particularly rainbow-oriented Legendary Pokemon from the single best generation in Pokemon history. Yes, I mean Johto.

As usual, we won’t relist rank one Pokemon in ranks two and three, and will instead only list the new Pokemon each consecutive rank introduces that weren’t available before. Most rankwunners will be available in higher ranks anyway, and if they’re not you can easily just reload a lower one. With that out of the way, here’s everything you need to know about every Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap’s Fireflow Volcano level, including where to find fan favourites like Charmander, Charizard, and Luxray – I mean, we’ve even got Aerodactyl here! And it eats fluffruit!

List Of Pokemon In Fireflow Volcano Rank 1

  • Talonflame – Talonflame can be a bit of a pain to catch on camera, but it can actually be seen almost immediately after you spawn if you’re quick to look towards the skies. It also chills out on a pillar to the left of the hill you go down after passing Luxray.
  • Altaria – There are a whole flock of Altaria in the spawn area, some chilling out in the hot springs to your left, others slowly gliding low in the air in front of you.
  • Luxray – Also in the opening area, next to the Altaria but on land. Actually, it runs across and scares them off – Luxray looks cool, but it’s a bit mean,
  • Archeops – Flies through the opening area before landing on the floor beneath the pillar Talonflame stands on. Also pops up occasionally throughout the rest of the level, but mostly at a distance.
  • Aerodactyl – Flies through the sky in the open area where Talonflame is on the pillar and proceeds to follow you through the rest of the level. An easy four-star shot on higher ranks, but mostly irrelevant one rank one.
  • Monferno – Hops down in front of you on this hill after Luxray and can be occasionally seen jumping throughout the map thereafter. Sticks its bum out at Tyrantrum, the little messer.
  • Tyrantrum – Storms into the open area where Talonflame is on the pillar and scares everything off. T-Rex, innit.
  • Torkoal – Torkoal can be found chilling out in the end chamber. It’s hard to see on rank one, but use your scanner in the last room and you’ll spot it right near the beginning of the teleportation point area.
  • Graveler – Rolls down the hill towards the Talonflame pillar slot and clings to walls in the final room.
  • Slugma – Swims around lava in the final room. Body made of fire, innit.
  • Charmander – Also chills out in the final room. Snap away to your heart’s content.

List Of Pokemon In Fireflow Volcano Rank 2

  • Shinx – Appears right at the spawn but runs away from you. Sad.
  • Typhlosion – Rank two forces you towards a different teleportation point to rank one. Typhlosion is in the new end area, just sort of chilling out. It also runs away sometimes. Also sad.

List Of Pokemon In Fireflow Volcano Rank 3

  • Charizard – At rank three you can choose to go left towards the rank one end point or right towards the rank two one. Charizard is found in the rank one end section.
  • Flareon – Flareon is in the rank one end point, but you can get a much better photo of it in the blue and grey chamber en route to the rank two teleportation area.
  • Red vivillon – Flies around the rank two end point,
  • Ho-oh (postgame) – After finishing the game Ho-oh can be seen flying around the sky – the issue is most of the map takes place inside a volcano and there is no sky. You can snap a photo of it easily enough if you use turbo to speed to the volcano or consciously go slow, although ultimately it’s probably not going to be a shot worth showing a professional. It’s alright, though – I’ll have a four-star Ho-oh guide written up in no time!

And that’s it! A complete list of every single Pokemon you can find and snap in Fireflow Volcano, as well as exactly where to find each and every one of them. Good look getting a four-star shot of Ho-oh, though – despite how unanimously beautiful it’s considered in the world of Pokemon, it’s ridiculously camera shy.

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