New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Ho-oh

Ho-oh is pretty difficult to find in New Pokemon Snap. Debuting in Gen 2, Ho-oh and its counterpart Lugia have become two of the most illustrious Legendaries in the series’ history, so it’s no wonder it makes an appearance here – but again, actually getting to take a photo of the Legendary Pokemon is no easy feat.

If you’re trying to complete the Photodex and are stumped as to how to get a decent snap of Ho-oh, you’re in luck. We figured out how to get a four-star snap of the rainbow bird and have taken the liberty of compiling all of that information in one handy guide.

Here’s where to find Ho-oh in New Pokemon Snap, as well as how to take a four-star snap of it.

New Pokemon Snap: Where To Find Ho-oh

Like all of the other Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, Ho-oh doesn’t make an appearance until after you’ve already beaten the game. As you might expect, it makes its home in Fireflow Volcano, although it’s fairly elusive – even if you do manage to spot it, it’s likely you’re only going to get a shot of its wing, or something.

After trying all sorts of different methods, we eventually figured out a way to always get a four-star shot of Ho-oh. Here are all the steps you need to follow.

  • Get Fireflow Volcano to rank three.
  • You need to take a photo of Ho-oh at the start of the map. Although it seems to fly around randomly, you’ll usually be able to take a snap of it either to the right of where you spawn – above Shinx – or before you go into the actual volcano if you look up to where Charmander is on the rocks. You can also see it through the crater where Graveler falls, although this is not ideal – if you don’t see it at the spawn or before the volcano, just restart the level.
  • Now you’ve got your bad photo of Ho-oh, you can start working towards your good one. There are three rainbow feathers scattered throughout the volcano that you need to find in order to earn an encounter with Ho-oh. All three of these feathers are found on the right route that ends with the Typhlosion chamber, as opposed to the left one that leads to Charizard and Tyrantrum.
  • The first feather is to your left when you enter the room where Gravcler falls down onto the crater. This is the tunnel that leads to the blue chamber with Charmander and Flareon. When you see the feather, hit it with an Illumina orb.
  • When you get to the blue chamber, wake up the sleeping Torkoal on your right. It will get up and walk away, revealing the second feather. Hit it with another Illumina orb.
  • The last feather is also in this chamber on your left, in the middle of where Charmander and Flareon are playing. Once again, hit it with an Illumina orb.

Now Ho-oh will appear in front of you in the final chamber. Zoom in and wait for it to rapidly unfurl its wings while emitting a cry so loud it literally creates a gust of wind. Snap this and you’ll be awarded a four-star shot.

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