New Pokemon Snap: Off To A Flying Startle Request Guide

The tiny bird Pokemon Tailow is one of the most elusive in New Pokemon Snap’s first route, Florio Nature Park. This can make completing Rita’s request, Off to a Flying Startle, pretty difficult to accomplish. There are quite a few Tailows flying around during the expedition, but there is only one reliable opportunity to complete this tricky task. If you’re struggling to find a nice midflight shot of a Tailow, here is our step-by-step guide to completing the Off to a Flying Startle Request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete Off To A Flying Startle

While it’s possible that this request can be completed in the lower ranks, the only reliable method we have discovered for finishing this request can only be done in Level 3. This may be frustrating for some players as Rita will give you this request when you first encounter Tailow at Level 1, but if you haven’t been able to get the right picture you need for this request, just focus on increasing your rank until you reach Level 3.

Off to a Flying Startle has one of the vaguer clues. Rita explains that she saw a Taillow midflight but that she wasn’t able to get a nice shot of them. The sample photo only shows a Tailow flying in the Florio Nature Park (Day) course, but it doesn’t give a good example of what you’re looking for.

The other problem with this quest is the misleading title. Several groups of Tailow do get startled throughout the Florio Nature Park course, but you actually don’t need to take a picture of that interaction, despite what the title might suggest.

Start a Level 3 expedition into Florio Nature Park during the day. You’ll need to make your way through the first area, over the bridge, and up the windy path past the Heracross until you arrive in the Bidoof dam area. You’ll likely see a Pidgeot fly in and startle a group of Tailow followed by a Dodrio jumping in to startle another group of Tailow, but you can ignore both of these events. These are not the Tailow you are looking for. Continue on until you reach the bridge. This is your cue to be on the lookout for Tailow.

Right as your reach the middle point of the stone bridge, three Tailows will appear and fly in a clockwise circle around you. You have just two chances to complete the request here, so you need to act fast. Start snapping pictures right away, and if you’re timing is right, one of the Tailows will stop, hover in mid-air, and look right at you with its mouth open. If you manage to get a picture of this Tailow, you’ll have completed the Off to a Flying Startle Request. If you miss this shot, you have more chance to catch it. Look directly behind you and repeat the process, snapping pictures quickly until one of the birds stop in mid-air.

It’s a lot easier to just face backwards as you cross the bridge and wait for the right moment, but you’ll get a much closer and higher-scoring photo if you manage to snap the Tailow as they appear in front of you. Either way, as long as the hovering Tailow is in frame, you’ll be able to turn this request in and claim your prize.

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