New Pokemon Snap: Shockingly Well Done Request Guide

You probably saw these burnt up nuts on your very first expedition in New Pokemon Snap, but it’s entirely possible that you’re still not sure exactly what you need to do here in the Shockingly Well Done Request. I can’t blame you, as this is one of the more obscure Requests in the game.

This is surprisingly simple to complete, but you can’t be blamed for being unaware of how to do it for most of the game. But that’s not a problem, as in this guide we’re going to break down how to complete the Shockingly Well Done Request in New Pokemon Snap.

Just read down below for everything you need to know. In this guide we’re going to break down exactly how you can complete this request easily, and even in the very first Research Level of the stage. Just read down below for everything you need to know.

How To Complete The Shockingly Well Done Request In New Pokemon Snap

The stage you need to explore is the Florio Nature Park, and you can complete this on pretty much any Research Level, but to be safe I completed it on Research Level 1.

As soon as you start the stage you will have a field of Pokemon to your right, and a small bridge in front of you. This Request really begins once you cross the bridge. Over the bridge you can use your Scan ability to identify the burnt fruit and nuts. This is where you need to target.

You will have already noticed the Emolga flying around and nesting in the trees. You should throw your Fluffruit at the pile of burnt nuts, and then an Emolga will become attracted to it.

Emolga apparently like to eat their food burnt, or crispy at least, and if you watch an Emolga approaching a Fluffruit near the highlighted area, you will be able to witness it electrocuting the fruit, burning it, and then eating it. You need to snap a few pictures while Emolga is electrifying the fruit, and these photos will be worth four-stars when you hand them into Professor Mirror.

Once the pics have been handed in, you will complete the Request.

Rewards For Completing Shockingly Well Done Request In New Pokemon Snap

Once the Request is complete, make sure to go into your Requests menu and then look at the Request in order to complete it and earn your rewards.

For this particular Request you will earn a new Sticker, which is a picture of some electricity for you to decorate your precious photos with to share online and get approvals.

For even more Requests solutions, make sure to check our complete Requests guide, which solves many more puzzles just like this one.

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