New Products Available For GW’s Necromunda, Warcry, and Adeptus Titanicus

British tabletop studio Games Workshop has a boatload of updates for Necromunda, Warcry, and Adeptus Titanicus, set to release this weekend.


The grim-dark future skirmish game Necromunda is up first with three new releases inbound. Supplement House Of Iron is the essential guide to all things Orlock and includes rules for putting together and fielding an Orlock gang. You will also find a comprehensive guide to the background and history of House Orlock, named gang leaders, and additional rules for creating powerful alliances with the Guild of Coin, the Outlawed Fallen Houses, and House Ran Lo.

Accompanying the expansion book is the Orlock Arms Masters and Wreckers miniature set, a kit of six gang members and two hounds. Rounding out the Necromunda releases this week is the Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold, a terrain kit that features a watchtower, gunk tank, and stronghold defensive walls and doors. This will also pique the interest of Warhammer 40,000 players looking to boost their terrain collections.


Warcry: Catacombs expands the fantasy-focused skirmish board game with new challenges that explore the depths beneath the surface of the Eightpoints. A foldout double-sided gaming board measuring a massive 22” x 30” sets the scene and along with the 37 terrain pieces brings near-infinite possibilities to your games. The box also includes the core rulebook and the Catacombs supplement that explores Varanthrax’s Maw, bringing with it new rules. Players new to the game will be glad about the inclusion of two new Warbands, the eight-piece Scions of Flame and nine-piece Khainite Shadowstalkers.

And if that wasn’t good enough, GW has more Warcry goodies for us. The Warcry: Catacombs Board Pack brings four new locations spread over two double-sided boards. Skirmishes can now take place in the Lair of the Sphiranx, the Temple of Nagendra, the Cinder Warrens, and the Halls of Velorum. Finally, four new warbands are available, bringing the Kharadron Overlords, Skaven, Flesh-eater Courts, and Ironjawz to the fight. All sets include miniatures, game tokens, and fighter and ability cards.

Adeptus Titanicus

Adeptus Titanicus is getting a smaller addition this week with the new Crucible of Retribution sourcebook. The supplement not only has an overview of the Cataclysm of Iron campaign, but brings oodles of background and new rules for the seven Titan Legions and four Knight Houses, along with painting schemes and heraldry. The expansion also includes four narrative missions based upon the events that unfolded during the campaign.

All the new releases are available for preorder now from Games Workshop and through your friendly local independent gaming store, with general availability from Saturday.

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