New PS5 UK restock at GAME and Argos this week as EE get more consoles

The next chance to pick up a PS5 console has come around already, with both Argos and GAME due to put them on sale later this week.

You’re never going to be able to just walk into a shop, or visit a website, whenever you want and buy a PlayStation 5 this Christmas but the gap between new restocks is definitely getting shorter.

EE got new stock in today and even though GAME had a restock last week stock checker sites are reporting that they’ll get more this week and put them live probably on Thursday or Friday.

GAME’s PlayStation 5 store page now has a release date of November 4 for its bundles, with PS5 Stock UK claiming that priority orders will be delivered by Monday, November 1.

How to buy a PS5 console in the UK this week

There’s been no official announcement from GAME about the new stock but based on how previous restocks have worked it seems almost certain that more PlayStation 5s will be put on sale late this week.

Argos are also due to get a new restock soon, with some consoles already arriving at local stores. However, the website isn’t expected to put them on sale until Wednesday, October 27 at 8am.

You have to be a subscriber to buy one, but EE also got more stock on Tuesday at 8.30am – including an interest free deal to buy one in 11 monthly instalments.

It might not be as convenient as everyone would hope, to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X this Christmas, but there still shouldn’t be any need to pay inflated scalper prices for one.

At this rate, it’s likely that multiple stores will get new stock of the PlayStation 5 every week in the run-up to Christmas, so while it’ll be difficult to get hold of it won’t be nearly as hard as last year.

📰 PlayStation 5 (GAME) News

The PS5 bundles page has been updated with a release date of 04/11. We can confirm priority orders will be delivered by 01/11 with all other orders by 04/11.

This indicates a possible online restock between 28-29 October.

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