Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds – Engineer Build Guide

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There are five different classes in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, each having a unique playstyle that can support a PVP team differently. The Engineer is perhaps the hardest class to master, being a technical, support-oriented character whose job is to keep their teammates happy and provide consistent, reliable support from a distance.

To play effectively as an Engineer, you'll need to learn how to use your skills most effectively, overcoming your below-average stat totals to become an invaluable part of your team. Certain equipment choices can help you in this regard, providing important buffs to keep you on your feet in pivotal moments. Here, we'll teach you everything you need to know to dominate the battlefield as an Engineer.

How To Play As An Engineer

The Engineer role is most akin to the traditional Cleric in other RPGs. Being an Engineer in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is no easy feat, however: in PVP or PVE situations, your team will be relying on you for consistent team healing and ranged attack support, so you'll need to make every Skill count. You'll also need to be constantly aware of the state of the battle, quickly rushing to your teammates' aid at critical moments to turn the tide in your favour.

One of the things that make Engineers more difficult to play is their lackluster stat total – although you'll often need to make your presence known at pivotal moments in a battle, your low base Defence and HP stats can make it difficult to have the staying power you need. To remedy this, you need to get good at helping from a distance, using your powerful ranged Skills to inflict damage and heal your allies while staying out of the fray yourself.

Your strategy will evolve with the flow of the battle, but you should always make sure you don't get caught out by a high-DPS enemy player at close range. Having a solid equipment setup can help greatly here; buffing your defences will make it easier to disengage, and so will increasing your movement speed. Moreover, applying movement speed buffs will give you more mobility around the battlefield, making it easier for you to reach your fellow players in need.

Best Familiars To Pair With An Engineer

As you might expect when choosing familiars to pair with your Engineer build, you'll want to focus on Defence-Type and Support-Type familiars to bolster your healing capabilities. Both their passive and active Skills will help you stay on the battlefield for longer in all kinds of ways, from increasing your base stats to casting shields for you and your allies. Another important thing to take note of is a Familiar's Element: since a Familiar's attack damage is calculated based on your Elemental Attack stat, you'll want to make sure that your Familiars' Elements match your weapons. Moreover, if a Familiar provides buffs for a certain Element, you should consider having multiple Familiars of the same element so that these buffs stack across your party.

The Crab o' Lantern is a fantastic Familiar for any Engineer build. It has a brilliant Passive Skill that permanently buffs you Crit Resistance by 10% and also gives you +1% Damage Reduction for each Light or Defence Familiar you have equipped. Moreover, the Crab o' Lantern has two Active Skills that, if deployed at the right moment, can help you weather even the most brutal onslaughts. The Shining Pumpkin skill gives Crab the Gilded status, meaning that it can't move, but it'll be immune to all damage for a short time and also get +15% Healing Recovery, as well as +5% Damage for each of your Familiars. Golden Pumpkin, on the other hand, is a more offensive Skill, which turns two enemy Familiars into pumpkins for around five seconds, rendering them unable to use Skills or attacks.

You should also consider adding Stagthorn to your lineup, another Defence-Type Familiar. Stagthorn's Passive Skill gives you +20% resistance against Knockdown, Subdue, Impact, and Pushback effects, as well as +1% damage reduction for each Earth familiar in your lineup. He also has the excellent Divine Protection Skill in battle, which gives himself +12.5% damage reduction for seven seconds and then returns all damage taken in that period to the attacker, while also having a 5% chance to Stun them. This is especially good if you are planning on using a lot of HP-increasing equipment, since then the damage Stagthorn takes during Divine Protection will be proportionally a larger amount of the opponent's HP when reflected back to them.

As four-star Familiars, these two can be difficult to obtain, but many other choices are valid. In general, it's best to avoid Attack-Type Familiars, but otherwise, most Familiars will help you out massively. Pay close attention to Element synergies when crafting your team to get as much power out of your Familiars' Passives as possible, and consider how their effects will complement your playstyle. For example, if you're a PVE player who's about to come up against a big boss with a lot of Stun attacks, equipping Familiars that provide strong Stun resistance is a great idea.

Best Armour For An Engineer

Choosing the right armour is a great way of giving your Engineer build some resilience. Although buffs to your Defence and HP are important, the best armour pieces do more than meets the eye, providing surprising effects that range from movement speed buffs to lowering cooldowns on your Skills. Here are some of the pieces you should be aiming for:

NameSlotStar RatingEffect
Black Knight ArmourBody4-20% duration for Stun, Knockback, Subdue, and Impact effects
Strong ArmourBody3-2.5% damage taken
Flash ShoesFeet4+10% movement speed, +15% slow resist rate
Nimble BootsFeet3+2.5% movement speed
Dynasty GlovesHand4Special Skill cooldown -7.5%
Berserker GlovesHand4Basic Skill cooldown -7.5%
Immortal HelmetHead4Stun, Knockdown, Subdue resist +15%
Mystic HelmetHead4Crit Resist +10%
Saintly CircletHead4Defence +10%
Hard HelmetHead3Heal rate, shield HP +2.5%

Best Accessories For An Engineer

Accessories are similar to Equipment in what they offer, although their effects tend to be more situational; you'll often find yourself swapping out Accessories when making other changes to your build. Here are some of the best pieces out there:

NameSlotStar RatingEffect
Tyrant ScaleNecklace45% chance to create a shield whenever you're attacked. The shield nullifies damage from the next two attacks you take.
Silverbeard NecklaceNecklace3+5% Attack for Earth Familiars
Protection EarringsEarring3+2.5% Defence for Defence Familiars
Natrum EarringsEarring4+7.5% Earth Attack
Life RingRing3+2.5% HP for Support Familiars

Engineer Skill Guide And Recommendations

The Engineer's Basic Skills will be your bread and butter for dealing damage, while also having some useful crowd control effects. They can (and should!) be used from a good distance away: Explosive Shot is your main source of area damage, Burst Call is another area damage skill that also Stuns enemies for a second, and Elemental Blaster is a fantastic damage-dealing skill that also slows enemies down. With a coordinated team on your side, these skills provide the perfect set-up opportunities for your high-DPS teammates to swoop in and deal massive damage.

Your Special Skills, on the other hand, should be focused on the goal of buffing and healing your allies. Resurrection is an incredible Skill for this – not only does it provide the only way to resurrect dead party members in the entire game, but it also has impressive group healing capabilities and cooldown reduction to boot. When paired with Healing Branches, which supplies further healing, your teammates will be incredibly difficult to kill.

Special Skills can also be used to debuff enemies. For example, Starfall drastically reduces movement speed for all enemies in a wide area, and Grasping Thorn can trap an enemy in place to secure an important KO. Your Passive Skills, on the other hand, should serve to buff the effects of your Special Skills: Pure Therapy will make your healing Skills heal more HP and increase the power of your cast shields, and Healing Cycle will convert any HP healed on a teammate over their max HP into a shield while providing an Attack buff whilst the shield is active.

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