Nier Replicant: How To Get Royal Fern

Grinding for items is a chore in any game, but the RPG genre has a bad habit of weaponizing the need to grind. The original Nier Gestalt may have been a cult classic, but it was rightfully criticized for its basic gameplay, often mundane side quests, and abundant RNG that made it difficult (if not impossible) for players to comfortably upgrade their weapons or complete side quests. Nier Replicant is an outstanding remake that improves its source material on virtually every meaningful front, but the grind is as prevalent as ever.

There are a number of ways to find materials in Nier Replicant, and outside of buying the few you can at stores, they’re almost always a pain. Outside of random drops from Shades and stripped parts from animals, materials can be found at harvesting points all around Nier’s overworld. These harvesting points manifest as bright yellow orbs (similar to the green orbs that denote enemy drops), respawn info whenever you enter or exit an area.

Most of these harvesting points in your home Village are Medicinal Herbs, but other areas sport materials worth collecting. The Royal Fern is just one of many materials in Nier Replicant completionists will need to grind for at some point in the game. Fortunately, only three Royal Ferns are actually needed for 100% completion and they aren’t too difficult to track down – even if they are on the rare side.

Finding Royal Fern

The Royal Fern can be found as an uncommon drop in either the Northern or Southern Plains. Early into Part 1 where you won’t have access to any Item Drop Rate Words, it might be a bit frustrating tracking down Royal Ferns. Due to the large size of the Northern Plains, it’s better to run back and forth between Seafront in the Northern Plains if you’re dead set on finding ferns naturally.

For anyone who wants to save on grinding time, Royal Ferns can actually be purchased at the Seafront Grocer for a measly 150 Gold a piece. While players might not have much money early on, it only takes a side quest or two to pad out Nier’s wallet.

The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother

The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother is an early Part 1 side quest and the only thing players need Royal Fern for in Nier Replicant. The quest is accepted at the Tavern after completing the Lost Shrine and tasks players with finding 3 Medicinal Herbs, 3 Berries, and 3 Royal Ferns. The Medicinal Herbs and Berries can be found at nearby harvest point or purchased in the Village.

For the Royal Ferns, either book it to Seafront to spend 450 Gold or make the grind in the Northern and Southern Plains. Once you’ve gotten all the materials, return to the Village Tavern and hand in the goods. You’ll get 2000 Gold for your trouble, which is nothing to sneeze early on.

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