Nintendo Announces Wii Sports Sequel For The Switch

Today's Nintendo Direct surprised us with a Wii Sports sequel for the Switch. Nintendo Switch Sports will bring all the same motion-based gameplay you remember from the Wii but updated for a brand-new console.

Back when it was released in 2006, Wii Sports was considered the most innovative game of all time for its use of motion controllers to mimic the actions players would take in real-life sports. That innovation led to massive sales, with over 82 million copies sold by 2017, thus making Wii Sports the best-selling Nintendo game of all time. Now, Nintendo is hoping lightning strikes twice with a sequel for the Switch.

Wii Sports had five mini-games when it launched, including tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. In Switch Sports, boxing and baseball are out and volleyball, badminton, chambara, and soccer are in. As with Wii Sports, players can play solo or with friends, while the new Switch version adds online multiplayer with random opponents. There will even be a matchmaker that places you against players with similar win-loss records.

And just like on the Wii, everything is controlled using the motion sensors in your Joy Con. For soccer, Nintendo plans to release a leg strap that tracks your kicks. Just make sure you're properly strapped in to prevent putting a Joy Con through your TV.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches on April 29, but it won't arrive with soccer or golf. A free update will add soccer in the summer, while golf arrives in the fall. Players looking to get a head start on their Switch Sports ranking can sign up for a playtest to take place February 18 to 20. A valid Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be needed to sign up.

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