Nintendo Rumored To Host Larger Direct Showcase After Xenoblade 3

Nintendo will host a new Direct showcase tomorrow that’ll be all about Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The presentation will last 20 minutes, so we’ll undoubtedly receive a lot of info about the coming fourth Xenoblade game, but fans might have been a little disappointed about the lack of any other games mentioned in the announcement.

Several insiders have since come forward to say Xenoblade 3 won’t be the last we hear from Nintendo this month. According to Game Mess’s Jeff Grubb, Nintendo will have more to say next week.

"This fits with what I heard about Nintendo doing their summer showcases in bits and pieces," wrote Grubb in a tweet. "I still expect more news later this month." Responding to followers, Grubb added there will be a "big" Direct next week.

Geoff Keighley, host and organizer of Summer Game Fest, added to the speculation by saying there will be a "main Direct" later this month. With next week being the last week of June, we could hear another Direct announced immediately following the Xenoblade 3 Direct tomorrow.

In other Nintendo news, the Mario movie that was previously announced during last September's Direct is reportedly 75 percent complete. That's according to Mario co-producer Chris Meledandri, who also said he loved Chris Pratt's performance as Mario.

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