Nintendo Switch Gets A One-Handed Joy-Con Controller Thanks To Modder

An incredibly talented YouTuber has modified and added to the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con, creating a controller that can be used with one hand. Not only have they shown off just how effective it can be, but the modded controllers are for sale right now.

The YouTuber/controller modder responsible for this nifty creation is Akaki Kuumeri. If you're familiar with that name, that's probably because this isn't the first time Kuumeri has adapted a current-gen controller to make it more accessible for players with one hand. As highlighted by IGN, the modder has previously created similar designs for the PS5's DualSense and has also made a controller so Xbox Series consoles can be played with one hand.

You might think applying the same to the Switch's Joy-Con would be even more difficult, but apparently not. Kuumeri labeled this project the easiest of the three, although as you can see in the video below, there were plenty of complex steps they needed to take before reaching the finished article. The handle, for example, needed to be bigger and have a much better grip than the small handles the Switch's regular Joy-Con-holding controller comes with.

Other than the handle, Kuumeri's modded controller hinges on the Joy-Con being much closer together than usual, and on the left one being upside down and facing the other way. That means the user can use their hand to move the right analog stick and press buttons while moving the left stick against a hard surface. The buttons in the middle are mapped to the ones on the left Joy-Con, and they've even created a version for left-handed players.

The best part of all for anyone who wants or needs one of these is Kuumeri is selling them on Etsy for £175. A little pricey for a controller, but in fairness, it has to cost a fair bit more since it includes regular Switch Joy-Con plus a whole lot more. More great news for accessibility in video games following the extensive list of features revealed to be in The Last Of Us Part 1.

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