Nintendo Switch System Update 10.1.0 Is Available Now, But Don't Expect Anything Major

The Nintendo Switch has received yet another system update, but it’s not a big one. This update, 10.1.0, has made a change to the first decimal instead of the second, but that doesn’t indicate anything major has changed.

As per Nintendo Support, Update 10.1.0’s change log contains a single sentence, and it’s one that Switch fans are well acquainted with. Here’s what it includes:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

In June, the Switch received an update that actually identified and solved a specific issue–10.0.4 fixed a serious credit card issue. Update 10.0.0 was the most recent major patch, and it introduced control remapping, easier data transfers, and new user icons.

No such additions have been made in 10.1.0 though, and the Switch must now, surely, be one of the most stable consoles ever made.

The next big exclusive Switch game is Paper Mario: The Origami King, which will release on July 17.

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