No Man’s Sky Update Overhauls Base Building And Freighters

No Man's Sky continues to expand its vast universe except it's universe is already pretty expansive, and so its developer Hello Games has been steadily bringing in new features, mechanices, and gameplay. It's turned No Man's Sky into something much more than when it initally appeared. Now there is the Endurance Update and it's freighted with player expectations.

The latest update is out now and for many players it contains some much anticipated features to do with freighters. First shared on the No Man's Sky subreddit, this Endurance Update adds a ton of new features.

The update includes overhauled freighter bases with a "vast array of new parts and the ability to build outside". Player-built freighters will now be inhabited by their own crew. Asteroids have been "visually refreshed for a dramatic new space experience". Hello Games promises that base building has been improved generally, with "many" new quality of life features.

In addition, players can now earn an entire fleet of procedurally generated organic frigates, with the update, and several new multiplayer mission styles have been added at the Nexus. There's an improved hangar, new bridge, NPC crew, and teleporter. Nicest of all, the update is free.

Back in April, Hello Games introduced the huge No Man's Sky Outlaws update. This added outlaw space stations, cloth simulation, smuggling, solar ship, wingmen recruitment, planetary frigates, improved space combat, bounty missions, planetary pirate raids, among much else. Sean Murray, who created the game, can't be blamed for resting on his laurels with this amount of updates that have been brought to No Man's Sky.

You can read the full patch notes on the Endurance update over on No Man's Sky's official site here. The Nintendo Switch version of the patch will arrive in early October.

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