Obliterate Aliens To Marry Your Boyfriend In Brutal Run ‘N Gun Viscerafest

Shouting “aliens” at someone may remind them of the Ancient Aliens guy, but it may also remind them of how many aliens exist in video games. Another dose of outer space specimens comes from Acid Man Games and Fire Plant Games’ run ‘n gun Viscerafest, featuring a protagonist who’s keen to tear her way through enemies in order to marry her boyfriend.

The chaotic FPS features the unforgiving mercenary Caroline, who’s only trying to acquire enough cash to buy a wedding ring in the year 3796. Caroline’s main mission is to marry her boyfriend Athens Fetter – a rather ordinary endeavor but a bizarre premise for a video game – but funds in this world are a little hard to come by. Luckily, the warlock Cromune has a large bounty on his head, which leaves Caroline green-eyed and hungry for alien guts.

Space has zero oxygen, and Viscerafest will hardly let you breathe either, featuring a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of pace. The title’s 26 levels are intricately designed to test your full potential, rife with alien hordes and freakish monsters. Every enemy is destined to be obliterated by your healthy arsenal of powerful weapons, enough to rival the gear in Ubisoft’s run ‘n gun Hyper Scape. The catch of the FPS is that ammo is pretty hard to find, therefore, your best bet is to conserve ammo and resist the urge to run through every level as a trigger-happy hero.

Fleeting ammo will not slow your pace down, however, as Caroline’s melee punch can literally reduce an alien to pulp – so start swinging. There will be no short supply of alien carnage in the demo that’s up for grabs, and a 13-minute gameplay video from Alpha Beta Gamer will give you an adequate preview of what to expect, if you’re unsure whether chasing a wedding ring is in your nature.

The vibrant Neon Abyss is another run ‘n gun which released last year, bringing more chaotic gameplay into the roguelike genre. The action-packed throwback features a pixelated art design and an accompanying electronic soundtrack to pull on your nostalgic strings. Neon Abyss is currently available to play on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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