Oddworld: Soulstorm: How To Get The Best Ending

Quirky platformer Oddworld: Soulstorm serves as a continuation of the Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty story and is set directly after that game’s events. You’ll assume Abe’s role, as the Mudokons’ savior and leader.

As with the previous entries in the Oddworld franchise, there’s a story revolving around Abe and his quest to free his people. There are multiple endings in this series’s latest entry, so how you perform in your playthrough will influence how Abe’s story ends.

Those aiming for the best ending should adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that Abe’s story has a fulfilling finale.

Save The Mudokons

According to the developers of Oddworld, there are over 1400 Mudokons that Abe can save. Rescuing these creatures is paramount for those aiming for the best ending. Failure to prioritize the safety of the populace will ensure that Abe’s story ends in tragedy.

It’s not enough just to complete the levels in Oddworld: Soulstorm. Abe’s mission is to save as many people as he can, not just to finish the game as quickly as possible.

Finish The Game With Good Quarma

It’s already been specified that Abe will have to save his fellow Mudokons, but he’ll need to save enough of them to earn Good Quarma in at least 12 of the game’s 17 levels.

This means that Abe must save 80% or more of the Mudokons in a level to get a Good Quarma rating. If you get a bad ending on your first playthrough, don’t fret! You can play levels multiple times, and attempt to earn the ending later if necessary.

Know Your Endings

While you are undoubtedly aiming for a Good Ending, you’ll want to know each possible outcome in Oddworld: Soulstorm.

Make sure you’re aware that there are four possible endings. The conditions required for each are listed below.

  • Worst Ending: Save 80% of Mudokons in 6 levels or less.
  • Bad Ending: Save 80% of Mudokons in 7 to 11 levels.
  • Good Ending: Save 80% of Mudokons or more in at least 12 levels.
  • Final Ending: Save 80% of Mudokons or more in all 17 levels.

Go Above And Beyond For The Final Ending

If you’re looking to see all the game has to offer, you’ll need to excel in each of the game’s 17 levels, saving 80% or more Mudokons.

  • Completing this task will unlock a bonus cinematic that uses newspapers to chronicle the aftermath of the game.

It’s a small touch that Oddworld fans may not be able to resist. If you’re only interested in completing the game with a satisfactory ending, putting in the extra effort to take on each of the game’s levels may not be worth the effort. Still, it’s nice to know what options are available.

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